Lunchtime Stupid Is Served With a Side of Tears

Delusional COVID Truthers Try to Invade Hospital Where This Mom Died Too Soon

It’s like some would-be James O’Keefes rushed in with video cameras to prove that the whole Trump-Virus was a fake. What tipped them off?

“[A] big red heart fashioned with five dozen Post-its was in one of the windows of the intensive care unit at Utah Valley Hospital when the conspiracy theorists pulled into a parking lot that they found to be suspiciously empty…

“That belief is shared by the conspiracy theorists who made repeated visits to the hospital in recent weeks. They decided that the small number of cars outside the Provo facility was evidence that the pandemic is a hoax. They entered the hospital with video cameras seeking to film what they believed would be an equally empty ICU…

“Had the intruders been less deluded they might have understood that the small number cars in the parking lot is explained by posted restrictions on visitors that are standard at hospitals during the pandemic. COVID-19 is not some minor illness where you might drive yourself to the hospital and leave your car outside for a few hours.”

It would be stupid-funny if it were not so tragic.

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8 Responses to Lunchtime Stupid Is Served With a Side of Tears

  1. Thanks for sharing my Whimsical Wednesday. With news stories like this we need more whimsy.

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  2. It is both terrifying and heartbreaking that so goddamned many of us are immersed in reality-denying evil bullshit.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    And right up to the very end, they’re in savage denial. Nurses in South Dakota report that several patients railed against the disease right up until they died from it, exclaiming, “This isn’t real, this can’t be happening….it was supposed to be a hoax!”

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  4. donnah says:

    The growing strength and spread of conspiracy theory-believers worries me. With larger media exposure, deranged nutjobs are attracting more and more disgruntled people who are always aggrieved about some perceived slights against them. They cannot accept reality, they hate being called racists, (even when they are) and they resent any social aid to people who need help. They’re angry all of the time.

    How do we fight this? How can we establish facts and truths with those who deny any of them? We’re in for a long, tempestuous time.

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    • Czippie L'Shimp says:

      I’m afraid this ship has sailed, Donnah. Those who are so deeply invested in this type of thought are very unlikely to escape to reality without serious professional help. And with the problem being exacerbated by the various media grifters whose psychopathic and financial existence depends on feeding their delusions, the spiral is inexorably set downward.

      tl:dr – they’re write-offs


    • julesmomcat says:

      Reality tends to be brutal, for some.


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