(UPDATED) ‘Exit, Pursued By A Bear’

Joe Biden
(undated file photo)

Hey guys, two weeks ago Handsome Joe Biden’s 2020 Goat Rodeo campaign vanquished Vulgarmort(™ Big Bad Bald Bastard), and yet somehow the transition is not happening.

I wonder why?

And in case you missed it, then the next day:


Anyway, Lord Damp Nut’s assorted legal gambits have been falling down in ways that the Marx Brothers would have been ashamed to write, with Prznint Stupid’s Stupidest Lawyer™ Rudy Giuliani and David Bossie BOTH leading it.

Lawsuits in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania all imploded yesterday when the crack team asserted massive vote fraud with details to be submitted into evidence, you know, later, when they are found.

And the current case in Pennsylvania, which seeks to stop that state from certifying its results,  looks promising for high comedy. Last week, each law firm that took it up ran screaming into the night. You know that old comedy bit where the Sargent asks for a volunteer for a suicide mission and everyone steps back except for one hapless dolt?

Our pals at Electoral-Vote set the scene:

Last week, the firm Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur jumped ship and were replaced by two lawyers from Texas, John Scott and Douglas Hughes, and one from Philadelphia, Linda Kerns. Well, on Monday, Scott, Hughes, and Kerns all withdrew, from the case, and were replaced by Harrisburg-based lawyer and conservative talk radio host Marc Scaringi. Scaringi asked for more time to prep for the hearing, which is scheduled for today. The Judge was having none of that, and said that Scaringi’s decision to wait until 7:40 p.m. Monday to join the case is his problem, and not the court’s.

I imagine the scene ends for Scaringi as Shakespeare wrote,

“Exit, pursued by a bear.”

Let’s keep an eye on this one, it could be our afternoon stupid.

UPDATE 1: Somewhere, Groucho is weeping that he’s not around to write this skit –

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11 Responses to (UPDATED) ‘Exit, Pursued By A Bear’

  1. roket says:

    Have they tried using ‘But, her emails’ as a defense yet? Better yet, does LDN have a cousin Vinny?

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  2. Meanwhile, here in the TSKoA,


    Now the GOP shysters want a ‘hand count’ of 25 of the precincts. Mariopa county used voting centers where you could vote regardless of your precinct.

    [Maricopa county attorney ] La Rue pointed out that representatives from the Republican Party were involved in the hand count of vote center ballots that was conducted by the county and finished a week ago. He said there were no discrepancies found.

    He said it’s too late for the party to come in now, after that count in which they participated was conducted, and claim that’s not the right procedure and demand something else.

    And of course it is “Khemtrails” Kelli Ward who is the GOP chairman in this state because OF COURSE the job needs to go to the bat-shittiest person they can scrape up out of the Q-swamp. (which is surprisingly deep here considering the ‘TSK’ part of TSKoA…)

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  3. sos says:

    “hapless dolt” looks at rocket and brucedesertrat in front

    You wound ‘Grain, you wound

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  4. YellowDog says:

    It gets better. Rudy filed a petition to appear in this case. He has not appeared in federal court in almost 30 years. If he does his Fox News schtick, he will be bounced faster than Judge Chamberlain Haller can say “contempt of court!”

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    • YellowDog says:

      It gets better still. Maggie “The Trump Whisperer” Haberman is reporting that Rudy wants $20K per day for his legal services. And the grift goes on, the grift goes on.

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    This is what happens when you have a decades-long reputation for not paying your lawyers.

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    • MDavis says:

      And also a decades long habit of winning cases by having more lawyers and more time than the other guy and suing over ev-ry-thing-ah.
      He’s run into a suit where he’s out gunned by the government and hanging his hopes on the kindness of appointed judges.

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  6. osirisopto says:

    I like seeing the decreasing confidence in his delusion: “I WON THE ELECTION” to “I won the Election”

    Next is “I won. I really, really won.” then on to the final chapter “why won’t anyone tell them I won? you know I won, right?”

    I honestly hope he refuses to admit his soul-crushing defeat and refuses to leave the oval office. I want to see the look on his face as they drag him out and put him on 72-hour suicide watch.

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  7. revzafod says:

    “In the matter of application for PRO HAC VICE admission to practice in this court.”
    They misspelled HACK, but Pro Vice is correct.

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