It’s a Death Cult

40% in U.S. planning large gatherings for holidays despite COVID-19 warnings

Nov. 12 (UPI) — Nearly 40% of U.S. residents plan to participate in gatherings of 10 or more people this holiday season despite concerns over the spread of COVID-19, according to the findings of a survey released Thursday by Ohio State University.

In addition, one-third of respondents said they wouldn’t ask attendees at holiday parties with family or friends to wear masks, and just over 25% indicated that they wouldn’t practice social distancing, the data showed.

40% sounds an awful lot like Lord Damp Nut’s ceiling, not that I’m inferring anything.

I could make a snarky comment about how this could solve all of our problems, but the trouble is those 40% will interact with the remaining 60% in some way. Their death cult with Lord Damp Nut is going to leave a lot of innocent people sick or dead.

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15 Responses to It’s a Death Cult

  1. sos says:

    39% will be planning on a return engagement for xmas.

    It’s not considered “polite” to ask about the “missing” 1%.

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  2. I’d ask what the heck is wrong with people but…

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Besides masks, disposable gloves are also a good barrier and protective resource:

    The blue ones are prettier, and therefore costlier.

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  4. YellowDog says:

    The official crazification factor may have to be raised from 27% to 40%.

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  5. Perturbation says:

    We’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner for just the two of us. How small a turkey can we get? Or if not small enough I’ll just roast a chicken, stuff the hell out of it and go at it. I’d miss the turkey sandwiches from the leftovers though, somehow turkey sandwiches have an important Thanksgiving taste that chicken sandwiches don’t.

    But hey, I’ll take my sandwich hold the covid.

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    • Perturbation says:

      But also let me add: FUCK!!!!

      The only true thing that Trump has said in the last month is that “People are tired of COVID.” We sure as fuck are. And we wish to hell you had the modicum of leadership that would have had ANYONE ELSE out there back in March saying, hey everybody this is serious, wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain distance and let’s get this thing beat — it’s your patriotic duty as Americans.

      And we wouldn’t be back to fearing the grocery store or having to fear seeing our relatives at Thanksgiving by now. Any human without a personality disorder could have said a few easy words like GW with his bullhorn on the Twin Towers rubble, and we’d be miles beyond where the fuck we are now.

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    • Lsamsa says:

      Our thanksgivings are always just hubby & I. I did a whole turkey many years ago…too much fuss & muss and more than we need.
      We get a fresh turkey breast every year that we roast in the oven. It does us for two meals plus sandwiches. The slow cooker works as well, we just prefer the oven-roasted result.
      Yup, covid not invited.

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    • We have been doing this for years: a 10-13 pound turkey is what you’re looking for. I cook one every thanksgiving (using Alton Brown’s brining and roasting method) and it lasts just long enough to get tired of turkey sammiches 🙂

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    • ali redford says:

      You could try a bone-in turkey breast. It’s also still got the skin, so you get the flavor for gravy, etc., but it’s smaller that a whole turkey. They roast easily and well, and are juicier than (IMO)/as juicy as the breast portions from a whole turkey. Just a thought!


    • julesmomcat says:

      I’ve bought a frozen turkey breast for us, and will do all the trimmings. ‘Course, we’ll have the same dinner in the coming weeks (preserved in the freezer), but it saves me having to cook several meals from scratch. As Grandma always said, ‘Make your head save your heels.’


  6. lofgren says:

    It’s pretty easy to get to ten people. We’re meeting up with my sister and my parents, and if we had a second kid that would be 10. People are literally going into bars and restaurants. Having dinner with me family doesn’t seem like much of a risk.

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    • tengrain says:

      Good luck, Lofgren!



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    • MDavis says:

      Lofgren, you might want to schedule a nice solitary vigil for that day. At least be careful.
      I do know someone taking care of an aged mother. She told me about a lake-side thing that her brother had with other family members. No one wore masks, no social distancing and one of them turned out to be sick. All it took was one in the group for everyone at the lake to be exposed to COVID-19 although I haven’t yet heard how that exposure played out.
      Funny thing, that same family bitches at her for continuing to work while she is taking care of their mother. No one offers to pay all her bills, though, and she is the one who questioned their safety measures at their gathering.


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