Trump-Virus News in the News!

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Not that we needed any proof (thanks a lot 2020) but…

After COVID-19 Diagnosis, Nearly 1 In 5 Are Diagnosed With Mental Disorder

(Or as Scissorhead Skinny-D spitballed from the comments, “NEARLY 4 IN 5 ANTI-MASKERS DIAGNOSED WITH MENTAL ILLNESS”)

What if the person in question was already bananas? Just asking for 340M friends.

We move on…

Friend of the 4th Reich Corey Lewandowski has tested positive for coronavirus, several days after attending the now notorious White House Election Night Super-Spreader plague party. RNC chief of staff Richard Walters and GOP strategist Jeff Miller, who was also at the party, have tested positive as well, which means that more people caught the Trump-Virus that night than voted fraudulently in the entire country. 

Maybe we should put Lord Damp Nut on a nice, relaxing cruise? I mean as long as he doesn’t come back.


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11 Responses to Trump-Virus News in the News!

  1. 70+ million people voted to keep this projectile vomit/bloody diarrhea shambolic shitshow in power.

    Gonna venture that ‘1 in 5’ is hella low, and WAAAYYY the hell predated the ‘Rona.

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  2. Also “Anxiety, Depression or Insomnia” sounds pretty much like the fucking ‘We Are The World’-esque anthem for 2020, so how the hell can they tell it was due to Covid????

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  3. sos says:

    Can’t lie, after I had the ‘Rona I am sleeping like a rock, not so much prior. Of course I can no longer stay up past 9:00 or so.
    Oh, and I’m crazier* than a bedbug.

    *However it’s the happy kind of crazy, so that’s good.

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    • tengrain says:

      Wait. What?

      You for sure had the Trump-Virus?! How did I miss that (or forget) – but regardless, I’m so glad you are OK!



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      • sos says:

        Remember WAAAAAAY back in early April? Bit of a shitshow surrounding the WI spring primary elections? Well, no effin’ way was I gonna let the legislature R’s bone Madison’s vote. The polls were totally understaffed (you may recall Milwaukee having like 5 polling places). Most of ours were open, but we were press-ganged into working double shifts.

        I knew I was hosed after 15 hours in a little elementary school gym. Shore Nuff! It was so early into the pandemic we didn’t have test kits except for critical cases. Partial loss of sense of smell (vinegar and bleach of all things !?!?), headaches and incredible chills (arriving at 16:00 every day — this is one wacky virus).

        Doc agreed I had it just told me to stay home, don’t croak and call if it got worse. It never got worse; I never got the smell sense back, so I thought I was still contagious. Ended up in self-isolation for a month. ‘Course I could walk around like Superman ™ afterwards 😉

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  4. skinnydennis says:

    Alternate headline:

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  5. Seen today in the comments on a WaPo article about how Mango Mussolinitti is ignorning everything in order to pout and tweet:

    Hey hey Donnie J
    How many folks have you killed today

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  6. w3ski4me says:

    It is forever and always the “tRump Virus”. He seems to have done the very most to spread it.
    Is there a”Typhoid Mary Award” of some sort?

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  7. There must be a passing ice flow he could take that cruise on.

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