PSA: Thanksgiving

Thursday November 12 was the 2-week mark before Thanksgiving.

Guys, unless you and all of your guests started seriously quarantining on that day (totally locked-down), you should not go anywhere or receive guests.

(Unless all you want for Christmas are dead friends and relatives.)

UPDATE 1: Sadly, I am hearing about friends who are going to take the swab test two days before and say that’s enough precaution.

I’m still hearing a lot of rationalizing about how everyone’s family is, you know, not the kind of people who would… but you don’t know that. Viruses don’t care that you’ve never had a speeding ticket or an overdue book at the library, or that you give to good causes. A virus is only looking for a host.

During the AIDS crisis in the ’80s, I remember a slogan that was something like, you are sleeping with everyone who slept with this guy.  The difference now (besides the sexxxxytime stuff) is that you are in contact with everyone this person has been in contact with (over the last 2 weeks). 

Here’s fun object-lesson:

I’m putting this on top top today for that reason. Fresher posts below.


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17 Responses to PSA: Thanksgiving

  1. Well we’re planning our usual lavish Thanksgiving feast with just us and the dogs…We’ve been doing this social distancing thing long before it was cool 🙂

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Yikes, I was afraid that picture was gonna show Arnold Ziffel spread out on the table with an apple in his mouth!

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    It will just be me and my mom and my first attempt at cooking goose. Not a whole goose, just a goose breast.

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  4. It’s usually just me and my husband, so no problem here.

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  5. purplehead says:

    Just another day. Ain’t no different. Me and my two entertaining cats. What’s new is fambly Zoom.

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  6. donnah says:

    We usually host 16-20 family members and guests, but this year it’s me, my hubby, his mom and my mom. I’ll cook the usual traditional dinner, just on a much smaller scale.I told my two adult sons who live in town that I’ll make up plates for them to enjoy at home.

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    • artahzen says:

      This is what our daughter and we are doing. She ordered a catered meal of turkey, gravy, stuffing, yams, and orange/cranberry chutney and I will make mashies, fried apples, sourdough bread and pie. We will divide it for our two houses and she will share with her neighbor who she mostly shelters with. We will probably chat on face time at some point. My sister and her husband are avoiding it all together and will probably have mexican take out! LOL! What a world right now.


  7. Karla says:

    I haven’t canceled my flight yet but my usual trip from FL to CA to have Thanksgiving with my daughter is not likely. We’ve both been isolating for months but I’d have to go through 3 airports to get there and 3 to get home.
    We decided it was worth missing this one to improve our chances of having a bunch more.

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  9. Jimmy T says:

    Not going anywhere. The missus and me may have the daughter and boyfriend over for turkey, but they both are well versed in viral control. A friend recently had the family from out-of-state over for his 70th, but it turned out his older brother had been exposed to covid, but didn’t think it important to tell anyone until the day before he and his wife left. No word yet on whether my friend and his wife are OK. They are self quarantining. This is how the virus spreads. Not by association with strangers (although if you’re stupid), but by socializing with friends and family…

    Not that there’s an upside, but I’m convinced that holiday gatherings amongst the red hat brigade will go forward through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, particularly in the red states, where the hospital systems are already overwhelmed. It will be interesting to see the resulting social and familial devastation. Having been a medical researcher for many years, I don’t get the pig headed resistance to basic precautions…


  10. vonBeavis says:

    Thanks to the baroness, I’ve met three of the people in this photo and I’m one degree of separation from the rest. Great shot, thanks for using it.

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    • tengrain says:

      That’s a lot of fun news for us, vonBeavis!

      As I know who the Baroness is, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. Full disclosure, I’ve met 2 of the people in this picture, they were friends/clients of my Dad’s. (I’m not sure what the relationship was, I was very little when I met them.)




    • Weird Dave says:

      Jethro’s looking good there…


  11. Redhand says:

    I haven’t had a “traditional” Thanksgiving in about 20 years. Family fragmentation through the deaths of parents and inlaws and, most importantly, the breakup of my first marriage 20 yrs ago can do that. Starting a new life with my Russian goilfriend, and now wife, meant a slow re-start to the Holiday.

    There was one time when we had the meal in a well-known NJ Diner, (check the page, it’s worth a look) and after getting over the feeling that it was as disorienting as the social worker waiting room in Beetlejuice, I acclimated to “my new life.”

    Another time we went ethnic food shopping at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn a couple of weeks before the Holiday, and I remember seeing a restaurant advertisement for “Thanksgiving at Brighton” featuring a distinctly Russian-looking waiter looking enigmatically at the cooked turkey on his serving platter (WTF!?). That also felt emblematic of my new life.

    Every Thanksgiving since has been a quiet duo, except that now Mrs. Redhand cooks a turkey breast, and we have a medium-sized meal with perhaps a shot of vodka to celebrate. It’s OK! This Thanksgiving will be the same.


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