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Oh, man, I’m bummed:

Trump campaign eliminates “voter fraud” hotline after it’s flooded with prank calls

President Trump’s campaign has ended a “voter fraud” hotline it established last week so people could report alleged instances of fraud after it was flooded with prank calls.

I’ve been running out of prank call names, so help a spitballer out, Scissorheads.

For 1/13th of a point heading towards you fall midterm, tell us your favorite prank name!

Here’s somma mine:

Billy Midol
Betty Wetter
Craven Moorehead
Dixie Normous
Emma Rhoids
Helen Bed
Mario Speedwagon
Mae Anaze
Miles O’Toole
Rusty Fallis
Sherry Vinegar
Professor Otto Yerass
Virginia Hamm
Wilma Ballsdrop


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25 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. skinnydennis says:

    Has Dickus Biggus been taken yet?


  2. Nancy says:

    Amanda Hugginkiss

    will always be my favorite

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  3. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Ben Dover and Cara Suraz


  4. spotthedog says:

    Phillip Miholz

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  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Oliver Klosov was a good one…

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  6. Jimmy T says:

    I’ve always been partial to Claude Balls (but not the one who wrestled the bobcat)…

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  7. spotthedog says:

    Juan Taboner

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  8. Dennis Cole says:

    I got Chris P. Shremp, Maurice “Moe” DeLaune, and Stu Pedaso, who’s a neighbor of Dick Gozinya, and he presented a reference from Mike Hunt.

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    • ali redford says:

      I worked somewhere once upon a time; our lead [something] engineer was Mike Hawk. I wasn’t the receptionist, and I was glad I never had to page him over the intercom.

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  9. Mine is Buck LeSabre.

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  10. spotthedog says:

    Mustn’t forget Dick Hertz. Also Pete Moss, Ben T. Johnson.

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  11. osirisopto says:

    I just can’t stand up to you guys.


  12. ali redford says:

    It’s an oldie and a groaner, but I don’t see it as I type it, so here is my favorite; Hugh Jass.

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  13. J R says:

    Baz Todd, Seymour Bottoms, and Bob Sherunkel. Also Paul Mycock.


  14. Sirius Lunacy says:


    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      Damn, I’m such a luddite. Start the video at 3:16


      • MDavis says:

        I think it’s a YouTube/WordPress glitch. No video I set to start at a time (with that “start at current…” tool) starts there, it just presents the whole thing. I’ve learned to look for shorter videos or just forget about it.
        Funny stuff, though, she got Conan to tell her “enough”, and did it with a smile.


      • tengrain says:

        Sirius –

        You are not a luddite, Google is a company full of people trying to prove to each other how clever they are. Users? Pfft!

        Here’s the secret sauce: translate the time from the start of the video from minutes/seconds to only seconds. In your example 3:16 would be (3 x 60)+16=196.

        so the embed url would change from:




        And it would display like this:

        To end the video at a certain point, you would calculate that in seconds and tack it onto the URL. Let’s say you only wanted 10 seconds of the video, it would look like this:


        And here’s the result:



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      • MDavis says:

        By the way, Ms. Micucci is adorable.


  15. Burr Deming says:

    Anita Lotta Munney
    Holly Pinio
    Warren Pease


  16. I cannot believe that after this long, no one has mentioned: Pierre Delecto

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