No Relief for You

As new Trump-Virus cases surpass 130,000 nationwide each day, families and small bidnesses are not going to have any stimulus checks or unemployment benefits until next year, if at all.

USA Today:

WASHINGTON – Americans waiting on stimulus checks and other kinds of COVID-19 relief may have to wait for a President Biden.

With just a few weeks left in Congress’ session and President Donald Trump preoccupied with the election aftermath, the path appears more murky than ever for a deal to be brokered during the “lame-duck session,” the period in November and December before a new Congress and president take power in January.

Oh, but there is one spot where maybe the rudderless Republicans can find  some small agreement, per Politico:

“And a potential school-related executive order would seek to give Covid-19 relief money to parents in public school districts shut down by the coronavirus, allowing them to use the funds for private or parochial schools.”

Send the kids off to Xristian indoctrination on taxpayer money.


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5 Responses to No Relief for You

  1. Send the kids off to Xristian plague house indoctrination on taxpayer money.


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  2. Infidel753 says:

    new Trump-Virus cases surpass 130,000 nationwide each day

    This is terrible. That’s one million per week. Ten million more infections between now and the end of Hair Furor Agolf Twitler’s term. And he’s not going to do anything about it, nor even keep trying on a monetary relief bill. There’s nothing in it for him now.

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  3. roket says:

    Slightly off-topic but I’ve noticed something funny in my area. COVID wasn’t that big of a problem here until school started. Now it’s everywhere. And the funny thing about the schools. It always seems that the first teacher to catch the Trump Virus is one of the coaches. But of course, no one could have possibly predicted such an occurrence.

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    • Martin Pollard says:

      No, absolutely not. How could you possibly think such a thing! </snark>

      It’s the same story here in Michigan. The schools, in and of themselves, seem to be doing a very good job of containing the virus within the schools. It’s what happens outside, of course, that they have no control over. (No one predicted that, either, dontchayknow.) Cases in schools are rising due to outside factors, and one by one they’re shifting back to virtual learning, like they did in March/April. My wife is a preschool teacher for Detroit Public Schools, and they got notice last night that DPS is moving virtual until January 11th. Probably the hardest grades to teach virtually are preschool and K-6, especially preschool which relies on tactile interaction to get kids ready for the higher grades. And Detroit is a lower to low-middle class city; how many of these parents have access to, let alone can afford internet access? These kids are going to have a really tough time as they move on.

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  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Back in March, I predicted that a half-million Americans would die of this thing… now I believe I was naively optimistic.

    I didn’t realize then that the GOP had become a suicide pact.

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