The Future of Movies?

People watch “Jaws” (The Nancy Reagan biopic) in Hong Kong’s first socially distanced outdoor entertainment park, which opened yesterday. (Photo: Vincent Yu/AP)

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7 Responses to The Future of Movies?

  1. FELINE MAMA says:

    I thought the drive in movies would make a comeback. I loved going to those!!!! You could take your own food & beverages, makeout (well, not anymore for moi’). Wear pj’s , or not!
    Anyway, I’d be going !

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  2. Everything old is new again…the local art house cinema has started doing movies in their parking lot.

    I’ve got a real soft spot for this theatre…it used to literally occupy the upper floor (“The Loft”) of an old house near campus, with a tiny greek restaurant downstairs. It MAYBE seated 45 people.

    I saw a ton of amazing movies there; and it was where our weekly RHPS screening ran at midnight Saturday. At the time I knew several ‘cast’ members so I was there a lot.

    Years ago the original building was razed to make room for the ever-growing UA Campus (most of the places I remember from my days as a student there are gone in this fashion 8-( , and they were in limbo until a whole bunch of folks managed to scrape up enough to purchase a failing multiplex.

    They’ve done pretty well since then; I hope they’re selling rnough streaming tickets to keep the lights on (figuratively!)

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  3. HarpoSnarx says:

    Next week “Lake Placid Poll Watcher” is on the bill starring former second lady and kinky novelist Lynne Cheney as a big angry croc looking for illegal voters! Scary, scary!

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  4. Infidel753 says:

    Drive-in movies have already made a comeback in Germany. People adapt, one way or another.

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