Now Hiring!

It’s all bananas!

Hey guys, remember the other day when we learned Lord Damp Nut’s loyalty oath oaf John McEntee was threatening to You’re Fired’ed anyone from the 4th Reich that was working the ol’ escape room angle?

It seems the 4th Reich is vetting people for the next reign of Hair Füror! 

In yet another sign that the president is still refusing to initiate a smooth, orderly transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s White House continues to vet possible political appointees for a second term—despite the fact that there isn’t going to be one.

According to two sources familiar with the situation, as well as written communications reviewed by The Daily Beast, the White House Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is still in the process of vetting candidates for job openings in various parts of the federal government, positions that the White House intended to fill by early next year. The office, which is tasked with staffing the federal agencies, is headed by Trump uber-loyalist and purge-overseer John McEntee. And it is still contacting listed references and conducting background checks, even though major networks called the 2020 presidential election for Biden on Saturday.

Totally sane. And Captain Queeg will find those eff’ing strawberries.

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10 Responses to Now Hiring!

  1. sos says:

    So, lemme get this straight.
    The “cure” for rats (attempting to) desert the sinking trumptanic is to:
    1) ‘You’re Fired’ said rats and checks notes
    b) hire newer more insane(?) rats.

    Seems solid, ‘Only The Best’. ‘Sick Of Winning’. and cetera.

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  2. They’re embedding saboteurs, traitors and moles throughout the executive branch in the civil service. Also Hair Furor signed that executive order making it easier to fire civil service people. Due to the required timing of the gathering of data and other administrivia for that executive order the earliest date it could take effect was …January 20, 2021.

    President Biden is sworn in, uses the new rules to fumigate the executive branch, then rescinds the new rules.

    At least the fantasy President Biden in my head does.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    Remember “…there won’t be a transference, there will be a continuation?”
    Well, it was about a decade after I graduated that some genius came up with the idea of a “continuation high school,” as an alternative for those students who struggled with the regular curriculum, and were in danger of dropping out, or at least not graduating.

    So why not build him a “continuation White House,” where he can keep on playing preznit? It wouldn’t have to be much more than a cobbled-up movie set, or maybe some of the backgrounds used in “The West Wing, but this way we could keep an eye on him, and filter his emanations.

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