The Phone Calls Are Coming From Inside!

Bennie ‘The Blade’ Carson

Another day, another Trump-Virus case from inside the White House:

I’m wishing Bennie-the-Blade well. He’s been terrible at his job, but no one deserves * to die from the Trump-Virus.

*Except, well, you-know-who.

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5 Responses to The Phone Calls Are Coming From Inside!

  1. He deserves all the ‘effective therapeutics’ that, say, a bus driver in Oklahoma City, or a laid-off waitress in El Paso, meatpacker in Iowa or store clerk in South Dakota has access to.

    He’s allegedly a fucking doctor. It’s not like he doesn’t comprehend how infectious diseases spread.

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  2. Redhand says:

    That there virus is scything thru quite a few at the White House. I guess Trump misspoke when he said “after the election, you won’t hear anything about it.”

    I put Gentle Ben in the same class as the late Herman Cain, but worse. Ben is a classic Uncle Tom grifter and token more than happy to do Massa’s bidding for “a seat at the table” (ah, quite literally). He violated a federal procurement statute by buying a fucking $31,000 Departmental dining room set without congressional approval. Read this article to be reminded just home much of a freeloading piece of shit he is. “Ben Carson’s HUD Spends $31,000 on Dining Set for His Office.”

    If I were a Dr., I’d be forced to “walk away from the (operating) table” if asked to make a triage decision involving Carson. I don’t wish him dead, but leave that to Jesus, with whom he is reportedly on excellent terms.

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  3. donnah says:

    Okay, I won’t say it. But you all know I’m thinking it.

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    • MDavis says:

      Um… Is it – “Curse the professionalism of Whitey House doctors. Could they not have one day where they give their patients treatment no better than what the rest of the country has access to?”

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