The Battle Against Fascism Continues

Antifa Flag
(H/T: Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

My blog post about Marching the Republicans into the sea still stands.

I know Handsome Joe said he wants to unify the country, and that’s well and good, but Possum Hollar doesn’t respect sharing, they see it as weakness, and frankly their skulls are case-hardened: nothing gets in there.

There’s no negotiating with terrorists. If you give a Republican an inch, they will take a Supreme Court Seat.

Possum Hollar only responds to strength and if they are not crushed, they will return more determined than ever to empower white supremacists and Y’all Qaeda (and others) who gladly will march us, our families, and our friends into the ovens.

So as the Village continues to bleat our these messages of letting Possum Hollar process their losses, don’t listen. Gloat, shout, continue dancing in the streets, and when you tire of doing that, don’t let your guard down.

We’ve must convince a generation of Yutes to join our team, let’s do it for them.

Tom Sullivan at Digby’s joint has a post up that everyone should read, digest, and incorporate. The last half is the most important part.

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11 Responses to The Battle Against Fascism Continues

  1. spotthedog says:

    Tom Sullivan’s post is awesome. Until Possum Holler is willing to admit Biden/Harris won legitimately; no slack, no appeasing, make them suffer through a slew of progressive policies that benefit every submillionaire, F-’em.

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  2. beckymaenot says:

    The husband and I were just discussing this. None of this moving forward and letting bygones be bygones. If they broke the law- prosecute and publicize. If there is evidence of corruption, prosecute it and publicize it. If there is evidence of treason, prosecute it to the full extent of the law- embed a journalist, document and publish that shit. Be unrelenting in the prosecution and CROW about putting the criminals of the Trump Administration in jail. No quarter- for any of them. Make an example of the most corrupt administration in the history of this country. It needs to be understood that the rule of law will not be subverted, no matter who you are.

    Next- stop reaching out to the unreachable. The elected officials that are members of the Democratic Party need to stop falling for the Republican bullshit. THEY ARE NOT ACTING IN GOOD FAITH. The Dems need to stop trying to cooperate with people who are only in government to self-deal and profit. They must internalize the 3 truths of the Trumpian GOP: #1- Republicans are not in politics to serve the public. #2-The Republicans are not in politics to govern. #3-The Republicans are only interested in power- how to get it, how to keep it and how to profit from it. Learn these lessons people and change your tactics accordingly.

    Stacey Abrams and her leadership in GA proved that Democrats DO NOT have to convert Republicans to win. Democrats do not have to move to the middle to win. What Democrats have to do is organize and mobilize to go to people where they live, modernize to reach the younger eligible voters, and reach out to ALL of the people that the GOP has trampled and left behind. Find those people who don’t vote because they feel powerless. Remind them that there is power in numbers and there are more of them than there are of the racist GOP assholes.

    Handsome Joe’s administration needs to come out swinging. Reminding the American Public just how much the GOP failed us. Reminding the American Public that the GOP aided and abetted Trump as he allowed hundreds of thousands of American Citizens to die instead of doing his job. Reminding the American Public that while all those Americans were dying, Trump and the GOP were playing golf, lining their pockets and plotting to strip American women of their reproductive rights, planning to strip black and brown Americans of their voting rights and calculating how to subvert the will of the American people by stealing the election through any means necessary.

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  3. Infidel753 says:

    I think you’re right. Germany and Japan transitioned from fascism to democracy remarkably fast, but only after they were solidly defeated and submitted to being reconstructed according to the will of those who had beaten them.

    I don’t care about their feelings any more than they cared about ours in 2016.

    And it’s not like they’re sitting around moping and waiting for us to reach out to them, anyway. Most of the right-wing blogs and sites a read are wallowing in conspiracy theories and, in some cases, fantasies of violence against us. And many of them are convinced Trump is engaged in some eleven-dimensional-chess maneuvering behind the scenes and is still going to win the election in the end. They haven’t even accepted the reality of the situation yet.

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    • …but only after they were solidly defeated and submitted to being reconstructed…

      Reconstruction. Now where have I heard that word before?

      The GOP has been profoundly and deeply white supremacist since (at least) the 50’s; The so-called intellectual godfather of the movement, William F Buckley was explicitly and publicly a white supremacist. Strom Thurmond may have run as a “Dixiecrat” in 1948, but after the civil rights upheavals he and all his neoconfederate comrades found their homes in Goldwater’s Republican party.

      Saint Ronnie used explicitly racist language to launch his campaign, no different than “they’re sending thieves, murderers, druig dealers” of trump.

      The GOP has been stuffed with patrician, genteel white supremacists all along.

      Trump just gave the lowbrow ones permission to let their freak flags fly.

      That the mass media and Village Elite refuse to acknowledge this is indicative of how much they miss the good old genteel white supremacists.

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      • tengrain says:

        As Driftglass says, “Who knew that the Republican Party was full of Republicans?”

        It’s about as succinct as you can get.



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  4. I unfriended ALL of the people whom I knew to be Trump supporters in 2016, and cut them right off. Sadly, I still have a few left, revealed to me over the last few weeks…people I believed were smarter; but apparently they’re not. I am at a loss how to process this. These people are, for the most part, college-educated. I believe they may be really, really embarrassed, and if I give them a bit more time…Presently, I am ignoring them. I will continue cutting them some slack, but only until after Thanksgiving.

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  5. Karla says:

    Condoleeza “oil tanker” Rice is looking for some kumbaya and getting ratioed.


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