The Trump-Virus Still Rages-On

(H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

Just a reminder, we have ANOTHER existential threat:

The US just reported 102,831 new Covid-19 infections in 1 day. That’s an all-time high

“I was predicting just a week or two ago we’d hit 100,000 (new cases a day). I didn’t imagine it would be already there,” said William Haseltine, a former Harvard Medical School professor and chair of ACCESS Health International, a global health think tank.

It’s going to be a long, bleak winter. We had over 500 new cases just here in the People’s Republic of Seattle yesterday. And I will say anecdotally even here, there is definitely Trump-Virus fatigue. On my daily walk, I see more people without masks than with, and on election day I saw only one Boomer wearing a mask. The Yutes are about half-and-half. This is not going to end well.

Stay safe, y’all. We are so not over the Trump-Virus.

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7 Responses to The Trump-Virus Still Rages-On

  1. donnah says:

    It’s frustrating that so much coverage is going to the election. We aren’t going to know anything for a while yet, and they could easily break in with news. We should be hearing about these terrifying numbers and see more reports from hospitals and reminders about wearing masks and social distancing.

    I just canceled the Thanksgiving dinner this year. I’ve been hosting a big family dinner for forty years. We’ll keep it small with just my sons and our moms, who have all been safe.

    I hate that Trump let this happen. We have to get him out.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    The mask mandate is definitely working, here in my locale, (at least from what I’ve seen on my few excursions out there,) but the numbers of those getting infected, and the number of deaths continue to keep climbing. It’s driving everyone nuts, because Sonoma County is like an island, surrounded by others that have seen Covid cases dropping, and therefore they’re being allowed to reopen many businesses that we can’t.
    Sadly, the majority of new cases are being seen in the Hispanic communities, but then, they do comprise around 40% of the gen. pop. Apparently, the blame is cast as them being less-educated, and lacking the proper resources, and for their natural proclivity of being gregarious, fun-loving, party-going people, which puts them at a disadvantage.

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    • Oh lord I hate that Bwana attitude behind “for their natural proclivity of being gregarious, fun-loving, party-going people, which puts them at a disadvantage.”

      “Look at the happy natives, Bernice!”

      No they’re getting sick because they’re generally poorer, work in jobs that they cannot do from home and tend to live in larger family groups more closely together (see “poorer” above) not because they’re “naturally gregarious”.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        I was more or less repeating what the head of the County Health Dep’t said about the rise in cases, but I can also report anecdotally: there was a Quincañera just last weekend, attended by at least 50 people, just 2 houses down from where I live, and from my backyard, I could easily observe the festivities, and there was not ONE person wearing a mask.
        I was trying my best to NOT sound racist, but I just knew someone would blow that whistle. And I would add that my neighborhood is split roughly 50-50, but none of my “White” neighbors have had any celebrations like that, or even close, but that was the third large Hispanic party I’ve noticed since Spring. There was a doozy on Cinco de Mayo, but the cops were called to break it up, since there were more than 100 celebrants, and we were at the beginning of the serious lockdown phase, so there were numerous complaints phoned in.

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      • I wasn’t blaming YOU for that, ‘the blame is cast’ indicated to me that it was the PtB blaming them.

        So long as you remember that “Anecdote” == ‘hand curated, artisanal, fully organic small-batch data’ 🙂

        Here it the white kidz in fraternities and living off campus throwing parties, the jeebus people who don’t believe in no science going to church to pray away the virus, and the MAGAts who are doing the spreading.

        this is the AZ DHS dashboard

        If you click on Demographics you can see the age, racial and other breakdowns of data. (I live in Pima County, which is the big on down on the Mexican border in the middle of the state. The rate of Hispanic cases is about the same as their proportion of the total population. )

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  3. Mask wearing is still pretty high, at least in the places I go, like work and stores because it’s mandated there. Then again, if someplace doesn’t make you wear ’em, I don’t go there. We ventured odd to a Walgreens the other day because we needed to get shingles vaccinations, Mrs BDR remarked that this was the first time she’d been inside one since March…

    We here in Pima County (Tucson metro area) are doing much better in cases per 100K (~2800) than Maricopa (Phoenix metro area, ~3700) but there’s still a 7.3% positivity rate.

    But I’ll admit it’s starting to wear me down, too.

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      BDR – OK, I misunderstood, and I apologize if I sounded stabby. The same “Frat-brat” behavior is also rampant here, and just south of here, in Petaluma, ALL the high schools had to cancel EVERY sports program for the rest of the year, because some of the students thought it would be fun to have a Halloween party at a friend’s barn located well out-of-town, and a few days later, some kids got sick, and tested positive..

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