The Press Loves The Dems Circular Firing Squad

The beatings will continue until the press quits writing stories about Democrats in Disarray.

Only the Dims could win a cycle and blame themselves for losing, but our failed political press loves those Democrats in Disarray stories bestest of all.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) morning email is all over this:

AUTOPSY REPORT — House Democrats haven’t begun a formal post-mortem yet. But an informal survey of dozens of Democratic members and aides by Sarah, Heather and Ally revealed that many are coming to similar conclusions on their own.

Moderate Democrats, in particular — who had bad nights from Florida to Iowa — have had a frenzy of calls in the last 24 hours to dissect vote margins, mail-in ballots and messaging.

Here are the top 7 things that Democrats think went wrong leading up to Nov. 3:

[Ed. Note – what Democrats? Elected, campaign workers, local/federal… give us a clue!]

  • Underestimated Trump’s popularity in a year he’s on the ballot.
  • Failed to answer GOP’s attacks on the “radical” left and socialism, particularly law and order amid a tumultuous year of protests.

In all fairness, the Socialism/Socialist conjuring word worked it’s magicks in Floriduh where the Cuban Americans are in massive numbers. Also, there are a lot of refugees from South America there who have fled from dictators, too. LatinX is too broad a term (as we all know) and encompasses too many contradictory experiences. As one wag on Twitter said, “Imagine if Bernie has won the nomination…”

  • Lacked a clear message for Latino voters, focusing solely on turnout rather than persuasion.
  • DCCC was bullish on seats that Democrats had little hope of winning, like Arkansas’s 2nd district or North Carolina’s 8th.
  • Nixed a coronavirus deal with the GOP when at least some relief may have lifted vulnerable Democrats.
  • With Biden’s limited appearances, Pelosi remained the face of the party with a frequent presence on TV throughout stimulus talks.
  • DCCC and campaigns had a limited ground game, and it hurt them in some battlegrounds. “The reality in Florida is you cannot win this state on the air,” Rep. Stephanie Murphy said during a BakerHostetler webinar Wednesday. “You have to be on the doors, you have to have a field operation.”

And of course, they are latching onto Nancy Pelosi:

IN THE HOUSE … AT 2 P.M., TODAY, House Democrats will hold their first post-election caucus call. Now, remember: Calls like this are tightly controlled affairs, and Speaker NANCY PELOSI is at the wheel. Of course, there is significant discontent in the Democratic ranks about their miss Tuesday night — they lost seats, instead of gaining the five to 15 they were predicting. But discontent has its way of quickly melting away in the House Democratic Caucus — and PELOSI is a large part of that. There are a few things to know right now:

1) THERE ARE ALREADY MURMURS among some Democrats about delaying the leadership elections to give lawmakers more time to mull over the results. Remember: Speedy leadership elections only benefit the incumbents, who have an organization and the ability to immediately kick it into gear. Slow elections typically allow discontent to foment. That said, PELOSI has shown herself adept at leadership elections no matter when they happen — immediately, or later on.

2) PELOSI — who is widely expected to seek another term as speaker — has already shown a bit of how she’s framing the election. She said in a letter she sent Wednesday night that the election was “challenging,” but Democrats kept the House.

AGAIN, WE DON’T KNOW how angry people are, and who they will hold responsible, but this will be the first organized gathering since Tuesday night, and will go a long way toward setting a tone for the lame duck.

Gonna conclude with this:

Some REAL TALK … from Brendan Buck (@brendanbuck), a former GOP leadership aide: “Such a funny vibe on this website with Democrats in various levels of despair just as we’re likely to see the rare event of an incumbent president being voted out of office.”

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8 Responses to The Press Loves The Dems Circular Firing Squad

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Sounds about right. The only thing the left does better than snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is throw blame and accusations at itself when things don’t go our way. Hell, we could have had that blue mega-tsunami everyone was hoping for and we’d still find a way to blame ourselves for something. And so it goes.


  2. donnah says:

    I hate the circular firing squad bullshit. Biden’s team was balls-to-the-wall throughout the campaign and they managed to maintain safer environments during Covid, something Trump ignored and made worse with his rallies. Nancy Pelosi is a warrior and it would have been ridiculous for her to cave on the piss-poor demands made by Mnuchin and McConnell. Stacy Abrams and Corey Booker kicked ass in the South getting out the vote, and countless mobs of volunteers put in thousands of hours canvassing and phonebanking.

    Polls fucked things up. I think we ignore them completely in the future.

    The LatinX vote is complicated and I agree that there needs to be greater outreach to their populations and more for Black communities as well. We have a lot of ground to cover for the future, but I’m not blaming Dems for a tight race. Trump’s cult is bigger than they signaled. We have to cut them down from now on.

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  3. Lofgren says:

    Speaking for myself, the despair is only over having it confirmed that 45% of the country is cool with Nazis. It was always a long shot that Trump was just a fluke, but now it’s official.

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    • beckymaenot says:

      ^^^This. This is the thing that is depressing the shit out of me. You want to believe your fellow countrymen are better than they are.

      I saw the 40% ish Trump approval ratings, just like you did- but still I was hoping that the humanity of those people would win out. It didn’t and this is what we are left with. The fact that that such all of these Trumpian-Americans think the rest of us don’t deserve to live. I’m done feeling sorry for them. I believe the reason the polls were so wrong- again- is because there is a percentage of Trump supporters who KNOW Trump is disgusting and they don’t want to admit their support -so they lie. Then- when it’s time- hate wins and they vote for the fucker anyway. I am so done with the Nazi’s. They are deluded by Don the Con because they want to be. Fuck them. They all voted for hate and it’s time for them to learn that you reap what you sow.


      • lofgren says:

        I have more respect for Qanon followers than I do for typical Trump voters at this point. About the only way that I could believe Trump was a halfway acceptable leader is if it turns out that he really was just doing what he had to do to save children from child molesting cannibal adrenochrome harvesters. If you DON’T believe in Q and you voted for Trump, then you’re just a fucking fascist.


    • MDavis says:

      I still suspect that we’re looking at the rigging and waiting to see if the vote was big enough to overcome it. If i’m correct, the percentages are somewhat skewed due to the fukery.
      In addition, only about half of these people belong in the actual basket of deplorables, according to someone whose judgement I have reason to credit. The other half are mostly just deluded idiots or have been sucked into the cult.


  4. roket says:

    Yes, let’s talk about Democrats allegedly being in disarray whilst the republican president squeals like a stuck pig. Now, all we need to know is will the MSM cover the frivolous lawsuits this administration is throwing out like candy at a Xmas parade. Squee

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