The Fighting Hellmice of Possum Hollar Not Getting Military Support

Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Theme Song?

Scoop: Generals privately brief news anchors, promise no military role in election

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley held an off-the-record video call with top generals and network anchors this weekend to tamp down speculation about potential military involvement in the presidential election, two people familiar with the call tell Axios.

Why it matters: The nation’s top military official set up Saturday’s highly unusual call to make clear that the military’s role is apolitical, one of the sources said — and to dispel any notion of a role for the military in adjudicating a disputed election or making any decision around removing a president from the White House.

It ain’t happening, so knock that one off your worry beads.

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6 Responses to The Fighting Hellmice of Possum Hollar Not Getting Military Support

  1. w3ski4me says:

    OK, I’m all for them not being involved. However, should the losing tRumpolini fans go marauding around the countryside, who do we have to save the day? I don’t really put much faith in our local Sheriff and we only have a small local cop shop. Do we then hope for the national guard to put the Koolaid drinkers away?
    I’m an old guy and while I may be armed, I’m not about to play cop.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    Yeah – and when he loses, and Suckface refuses to leave the WH, who, then is gonna escort him out, in handcuffs, chains, and ankle bracelets???

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  3. purplehead says:

    This will work.


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