It’s A Sign From Dawg!

H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole

I’m no theologian, but I know when Dawg is tryin’ to tell me sumpin’ about tonight!

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4 Responses to It’s A Sign From Dawg!

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I was actually looking for that “pot of gold” at the neighborhood cannabis dispensary, when I spotted this, just down the street. Talk about convenience stores! And so close to each other to make shopping a breeze!

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  2. revzafod says:

    I started early and haven’t watched the news all day.
    Poll Shows Most Democrats Have Taken Advantage of Early Drinking
    [I think I answered that one, but it was late at night, and, well…]

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    It’s abandoned. Not the metaphor you were looking for.

    But a metaphor none-the-less.

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