Our Failed Political Press Strikes Again

(H/T Scissorhead Weird Dave)

The NYTimes (emphasis mine)

“Trump advisers said their best hope was if the president wins Ohio and Florida is too close to call early in the night, depriving Mr. Biden a swift victory and giving Mr. Trump the room to undermine the validity of uncounted mail-in ballots in the days after.”

Their best hope? Their best hope is stealing an election would be clearer. The Times is normalizing this. Do better, NYTimes.

We need some disambiguation: there is a difference between voting and vote counting.

  • It is true that you cannot vote AFTER the elections.
  • It is NOT true that the vote-counting must be completed by Election night, and in fact it never has.
  • Trump also suggested election results can’t be trusted because voters can change their votes after they’ve been cast.

Team Evil has tried voter suppression using all their usual tricks, and now they are announcing that they are going after vote tallying. Election integrity is not a partisan issue, it is a democracy issue.




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7 Responses to Our Failed Political Press Strikes Again

  1. The mass media are like degenerate gamblers in their desire for a horse race and subsequent legal battle over whether the trump side can entirely corrupt our democracy. They’ll countenance anything because it’s just a game to them.

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    • T White says:

      They are the one group of educated individuals who should know better (fat nixon’s base doesn’t know or care to know) but still act like junkies looking for that next hit of unbelievable managerial incompetence combined with a vulgar chaotic chaser all for the glory of selling a few extra reverse mortgages and dick pills.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    The Trump philosophy: Lie, cheat, steal. Do whatever it takes, to win!

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  3. MDavis says:

    “… giving Mr. Trump the room to undermine the validity of uncounted mail-in ballots in the days after.”
    Would that be “Rebellion or insurrection”, “Seditions conspiracy”, or “Advocating overthrow of Government”?


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  4. purplehead says:

    Oh just ƒü¢k the ƒü¢k¡ñg New York Times.

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  5. T_Reg says:

    The rank insanity of demanding that vote COUNTING be completed on election day goes hand in hand with the idol worship of electronic vote counting. Forget all the examples illustrating the virtual impossibility that the counts are legit, just look at the very nature of the count; secret programming and no verifying hand count. (“audit” is such a wiggly term). I do not trust electronic counting, period. Paper ballots, hand counted in public. Anything else is a stolen election.


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