No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

Stable Jenius

Our Stable Jenius has his election night plan, and you’ll never guess what it is!

Scoop: Trump’s plan to declare premature victory

President Trump has told confidants he’ll declare victory on Tuesday night if it looks like he’s “ahead,” according to three sources familiar with his private comments.

  • That’s even if the Electoral College outcome still hinges on large numbers of uncounted votes in key states like Pennsylvania.

I’m shocked.

I’m shocked.

Why it matters: Trump’s team is preparing to falsely claim that mail-in ballots counted after Nov. 3 — a legitimate count expected to favor Democrats — are evidence of election fraud.

He said WHAT?

I’m shocked.

What they’re saying: Asked for comment, the Trump campaign’s communications director Tim Murtaugh said, “This is nothing but people trying to create doubt about a Trump victory. When he wins, he’s going to say so.”

I’m shocked.

Reality check: Mail-in ballots counted after Election Day as set forth in state-by-state rules are as legitimate as in-person votes recorded on Nov. 3.

  • Many states won’t be done counting mail ballots by Tuesday night.
  • In Pennsylvania, state law prevents election officials from counting mail-in ballots before Election Day.
  • Night-of counts may be deceptive. It could be days, if not weeks, before we know who won Pennsylvania. If it’s a close race this could also be true for other states, given the record numbers of Americans who voted by mail this year.
  • Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” today that there could be 10x as many mail ballots this year than in 2016, “so, yes, it will take longer” to count.
  • “I expect that the overwhelming majority of ballots in Pennsylvania, that’s mail-in and absentee ballots, as well as in-person ballots, will be counted within a matter of days,” Boockvar said.

I’m not shocked: Axios put this at THE BOTTOM OF THE POST.

(I’m trying not to Doom Scroll today, sorry for the paucity of posts [my new band name, too.])

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9 Responses to No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

  1. Unless there’s a landslide for Biden Tuesday night (and I’m not sure even then), Trump and his minions are going to pull every dirty trick they can think of.

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  2. sos says:

    If Preznit Superspreader doesn’t get you himself, his flying monkey minions will.

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  3. Dennis Cole says:

    It’s going to be The Theme of his upcoming, ongoing, continuous barf-fests, er, rallies that are no longer campaign rallies, but more like “Victory Laps.”

    “Yes, it was very clear from the beginning of the counting that we had an incredible lead, one that could only have been overtaken by the Democrat’s ongoing voter fraud, whereby they stuffed every ballot box they could with ballot after phony ballot. So now, here I am, going around the country, having to reassure the citizens that our voting process, the very heart of our Democracy, is in no danger. I am in complete control, and our great Attorney General William Barr is doing a fantastic job of keeping those fraudulent ballots from being counted. The FBI is investigating every report of fraud they receive from concerned citizens, and I expect we’ll soon see some arrests being made. And of course, I have the Supreme Court approving my every move in this fight against voting fraud.

    Some people are going to prison for a very long time, I’m afraid.”

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  4. That picture is not the kind of thing you should spring on us with no warning.

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