Plan B: Brooks Brothers Riots, Redux

Banana Republicans Worship Hair Füror

It’s the confession-thing again:

Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day

Even if there isn’t a clear winner the day after the election, President Donald Trump may still take his MAGA message on the road.

Top surrogates for the Trump campaign have been told to keep their Novembers clear for potential campaign events. And Trump campaign advisers said not to rule out the possibility Trump continues his rallies even as election officials continue to count ballots after the Nov. 3 election, according to a campaign surrogate and two Trump advisers.

And that’s how Hair Füror is planning on pressuring everyone to not count the early ballots. Reminder: before they were on the SCOTUS, Justices Roberts and Coathangers were working on Floriduh recount for Chimpy McStagger’ 2000 stolen election.

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3 Responses to Plan B: Brooks Brothers Riots, Redux

  1. mellowjohn says:

    So was Justice I-Like-Beer.

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  2. julesmomcat says:

    He’s SO insecure, that he has to have rallies to prop up his tiny ego,
    even if campaigning is no longer necessary.
    AND – he’s the only person I’ve ever seen, who has to applaud himself, as
    an example for his Trumptards to emulate. Too much is never enough, in his
    tiny brain.

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  3. revzafod says:

    As a health prophylactic measure, I suggest dropping a GBU-43/B MOAB on any place he holds these events, during the event.

    Or as Ripley said, “I say we take off and nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”


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