Frantic As A Beagle In A Vacuum Factory

We’re #1!

Wants to play the Candy Striper and the Doctor again? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

We broke its single-day record with more than 90,000 new reported cases, as the national case total surpassed 9,000,000 people.

There have been a record-breaking 500,000 new cases in the past week, a surge driven by half of all counties.

Meanwhile, Junior Mints is telling us that no one is getting it anymore because: Instagram, and we don’t think he’s talking about Bolivian Nose Candy.

So, with that as the backstory, what a perfect time for our Super-spreader-in-chief to hold 17 rallies!

In Michigan, Prznint Stupid performed his Greatest Hits of Trump-Virus lies, including: the totally sane conspiracy theory that medical doctors are inflating the number of deaths for cash. To what end and who’s paying, no one ever says. (That bastard Soros is the usual go-to, but who knows who today’s Emmanuel Goldstein is?)

And so with the Trump-Virus neutralized, Prznint Stupid pivoted to how to steal an election.

Shorter version: nice power you got there. Shame if anything happened to it.

Longer version:

And then Prznint Veruca Salt tweeted this a few hours later to remind the SCOTUS to kiss his ass:

Prznint Stupid is saying, clearly that the Supreme Court has an interest in his election.

The strategy is to prevent counting ballots that were mailed before November 3 (Hi, Postmaster Grifter DeJoy!) and for his justices (and he sees them as his, so why shouldn’t we?) to rule for him because they have interest in locking down a permanent Republican judicial majority.

He’s just saying the quiet part out loud again. It’s not projection, it’s a confession.




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  1. Worse is the 8th District’s ruling that Minnesota ballots postmarked before, but arriving within 7 days after Nov. 3 should be separated and not counted, despite the legislature and state courts reaching a consent decree explicitly granting the secretary of state the right to do that.

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