Reality Has A Liberal Bias, Part Infinity

(Hat tip: Secret Scissorhead @NamelessCynic)

Rounding the corner or swirling the drain, Reality Teevee Prznint Stupid’s final campaign lie that the Trump-Virus is behind us —so vote for the Superspreader— seems to be challenged by reality.

The WaPo:

“Coronavirus cases are surging in every competitive state before Election Day, offering irrefutable evidence against President Trump’s closing argument that the pandemic is nearly over and restrictions are no longer necessary.

“In the 13 states deemed competitive by the Cook Political Report, the weekly average of new cases reported daily has jumped 45 percent over the past two weeks.”

But not to worry, Lord Damp Nut, the fruit of your loins and namesake Junior Mints is proving that the Trump-Virus is killing almost no one, using the scientifically approved method of [checks notes] his Instagram account:

Dismissing the surging number of daily coronavirus cases across the nation, the Trump scion insisted on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle that the CDC was focusing on infections instead of deaths because “the numbers are almost nothing,” adding that “we’ve gotten control” of the virus due to therapeutics. “If you look at my Instagram, it’s gone to almost nothing,” he added. “We’ve gotten a hold of it.”

Fact Check: False – nearly 1,000 Americans per day are dying from the Trump Virus. The United States reported 88,452 new coronavirus cases yesterday, which is a record, at one new case per second.

I guess we don’t need to RSVP:

“President Trump has called off plans to appear at the Trump International Hotel on election night and is likely to be at the White House instead.

“Advisers had said privately that Mr. Trump was going to appear at his namesake hotel in Washington for an election night party for which his campaign had sent out multiple fund-raising solicitations to his supporters.”

“It was unclear why the plans had changed.”

And that’s how the NYTimes casts shade.


Pence absent from Covid-19 planning calls for more than a month

“When Vice President Mike Pence first took charge of the White House’s coronavirus task force, among his earliest moves was establishing a standing call with all 50 governors aimed at closely coordinating the nation’s pandemic fight. Yet as the U.S. confronts its biggest Covid-19 surge to date, Pence hasn’t attended one of those meetings in over a month.

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7 Responses to Reality Has A Liberal Bias, Part Infinity

  1. “President Trump has called off plans to appear at the Trump International Hotel on election night and is likely to be at the White House instead.

    Mostly screaming about Barr’ counter attack on the encroaching Russian Army Democrat victors only to have Keitel tell him that he didn’t find the troops evidence needed to lockherup Obama and Biden.

    then he tells everyone but McCarthy, Miller, Jared and Ivanka to leave the room. Don Jr. knocks over 5 WH aides on his sprint out the doors…

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  2. retiredeng says:

    Mmm. So what’s the intersection of 1000 deaths a day and 1000 voters a day Jr Dumbo?

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  3. sos says:

    Pence absent from Covid-19 planning calls for more than a month

    Classic No Value Added Proposition

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  4. None of any of this is or should be a surprise. Please take notes and pay attention. ALL of this will be on the final exam, should you decide to attend. I know I’ll be there!

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  5. Ten Bears says:

    I would argue the Trump Flu is a zombie gas. I mean, it’s not the zombies wearing masks, social distancing, obsessively overcleaning everything. It’s not the zombies who have sacrificed their normal lives these past nine months to protect ourselves, our families and those around us. My spouse has not been out of the house since January. So some foking retard (look it up can shout hoosanas to the false prophet they bow down to. Play golf in New Hampshire (live free and die). Load that oil leaker up on the back of the motorhome and drive to South Dakota (you don’t think those pussies ride to Sturgis, do you? That hasn’t happened since I was a young man).

    I wear a full bandana folded to four layers as a mask, because if I don’t want to breath the zombie gas, the white-trash exhaust, I sure don’t want it in my beard.

    Yes, white-trash. Planet lice.


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