The Morning PSA

That’s one way to have the polling place to yourself.
(H/T Skinny-D)

Gentle Readers, we’re at the time where if you have not yet voted, get off your freaking ass.

That said, we’re also calendar-challenged. If you are absentee-voting, DO NOT MAIL YOUR BALLOT, DROP IT OFF IN PERSON.

The fascist Republican eff’ery with the USPS to slow the mail continues and at this point it is not a safe bet that your ballot will arrive in time and be counted.

The SCOTUS is already rigging justification for throwing out legal ballots that arrive “late.”


“President Trump’s campaign in the crucial battleground of Pennsylvania is pursuing a three-pronged strategy that would effectively suppress mail-in votes in the state, moving to stop the counting of absentee votes before Election Day, pushing to limit how late mail-in ballots can be accepted and intimidating Pennsylvanians trying to vote early.”

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4 Responses to The Morning PSA

  1. sos says:

    Maybe that sign is referring to different kind of “polling place”.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    The “I Voted” sticker is not quite big enough for me, almost – but not quite.

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