Republicans Don’t Want You To Vote (No D’uh)

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Six Republican Secretaries Of State Tried To Stop Facebook’s Effort To Register Millions Of Voters

On Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a major milestone for what he called “the largest voting information campaign in US history.” Launched in August with the goal of registering 4 million Americans to vote, Facebook claimed the effort garnered an estimated 4.4 million registrations across the company’s social media platforms, based on conversion rates the company calculated from “a few states it had partnered with.”

“Voting is voice,” Zuckerberg wrote in a post to the company’s internal message board, specifically thanking Facebook’s civic engagement and civic integrity teams. What he didn’t mention, however, was the resistance the voting information campaign faced from Republican-led secretaries of state.

I’m shocked.

In September, Facebook received a strongly worded letter signed by the secretaries of state of Alabama, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia, asking the company to discontinue its Voting Information Center. It argued election officials alone are “legally and morally responsible to our citizens” and said Facebook has “no such accountability.”

“While such goals may be laudable on their face, the reality is that the administration of elections is best left to the states,” read the letter, which was addressed to Zuckerberg. “The Voting Information Center is redundant and duplicative of what we, as chief election officials, have been doing for decades.”

The six Republican secretaries of state warned that the voting information center could foster “misinformation and confusion.”

“That’s mah job,” the SOS whined.

Credit where it is due: Despite Facebook’s obvious conservative slant, this was a good effort. Which is not to say that they cannot be gamed.

From last night’s email blast from the Pod Save Whatevs guys:

Facebook’s ban on new political ads in the week before Election Day has gotten off to a rough start. The Trump campaign ran an ad implying Trump has won the election (featuring, it should be said, Donald Trump as both the sun and a hummingbird), in violation of Facebook’s policies. Having run the ad before the October 27 deadline, the campaign can now theoretically run it again closer to November 3. The Trump campaign also ran a group of ads stating “ELECTION DAY IS TODAY,” another policy violation that Facebook approved before agreeing to take it down following a public outcry. At the same time, Facebook has been refusing to run previously approved ads from both the Biden campaign and progressive organizations, without explanation. But by all means, Republican senators at the Big Tech hearing, tell us more about Mark Zuckerberg’s crusade to censor conservatives.

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  1. sos says:

    To me, this smacks of Faceberg attempting a quick application of Douche-Off(tm) brand industrial strength invisibility tonic to hide from (almost) certain Democratic congressional oversight.

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