Hacks Hacked

I dunno if I believe this:

Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 million

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party’s account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party’s chairman told The Associated Press on Thursday…

He said the hackers manipulated invoices from four vendors who were being paid to send out direct mail for Trump’s reelection efforts and to provide pro-Trump material such as hats that could be handed out to supporters. Invoices and other documents were altered so when the party paid them, the money went to the hackers instead of the vendors, Hitt said.

I’d check Lord Damp Nut’s pockets if I were them. Also: eww, gross. But it scans that the vendors were the one taking the loss. Totally is LDN’s M.O.

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14 Responses to Hacks Hacked

  1. sos says:

    I’m sos and I approve of this malfeasance!

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  2. HarpoSnarx says:

    As believable as TRUMP! having the virus. Oops!

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  3. Riiiiiiight. “Hackers”. Whatever you say, Donny…

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    • ali redford says:

      That is awesome-I think she wins the internet for that!


    • MDavis says:

      I got sucked into the CCR background music, trying to figure out what the heck the message is, maybe I’m an entitled jerk, not like that Biden guy? Look at me lording it over you all, while Biden is actually running down the stairs by himself?
      Somewhere there should be a reply of LDN’s ramp-walk, but I’m not looking for it.
      Didn’t CCR put in a cease and desist?


    • Karla says:

      Spready Kreuger is a fabulous nickname! I love it!


  4. roket says:

    $2.3Mil? Peanuts. Where did Trump’s billion-dollar campaign fund go? Those same hackers?

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  5. Perturbation says:

    I doubt Trump himself had anything to do with raiding the WI campaign fund, but I’d still guess an inside job. There had to have been many hands in the Trump campaign’s cookie jar in addition to Brad Parscale and Trump himself. Everybody can see this is a sinking ship, and nothing left for a party of grifters to do but empty that cookie jar before it disappears beneath the waves.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    That’s like a chapter from The Art Of The Deal.

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  7. GranDude says:

    Did the grifters get grifted or grafted?


  8. MDavis says:

    Has anyone checked AC Barrett’s finances lately? Did she have any debts suddenly disappear?


  9. osirisopto says:

    Can you guess what Eric’s code name is?

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