Pop Quiz!

Yes, you too can have your fireplace smell like fast food, and bet me that the Whitey House is all over this.

So for 1/17 of a point counting towards your midterm grade, tell us about other products that the 4th Reich is burning this season to cover-up the stench of Republican fascism, and why that fragrance will work.

#2 Lead pencils in the bluebook.

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    • Karla says:

      Speaking of the stranded:
      If you’re not following Blair Erskine, you are missing out on a lot of laughs. She’s my favorite MAGAt parody performer.

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      • MDavis says:

        Glad I saw this before I posted the link.
        Just watch it. I wasn’t sure it was parody at first – it has the cold, the dark, the complete lack of consistency and logic…


    • spotthedog says:

      They turned BLUE the hard way.

      I expect someone will jump on the idiotic notion that if its cold outside – that disproves global warming.


      • tengrain says:

        Spot –

        Jim Inhofe has that grift covered. He’s noted for bringing a snowball onto the floor of the Senate (and presumably taking oil checks in the cloakroom).




  1. spotthedog says:

    What’s burning? All their pantses (Liar, Liar, pants on fire!).

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  2. All the Top Sekrit recordings of all the phone calls he made as Impotus., the visitor logs, the hard drives, the phones , all the linens in the WH.

    I’ll wager 500 quatloos he tries to literally burn down the WH before he’s dragged kicking and screaming out.

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  3. Ten Bears says:

    BurgerKing is offering bacon and chicken scented masks. I don’t know if bacon scented and chicken scented, and/or bacon/chicken like a cheater chicken cordon bleeh.

    I could probably do pizza.

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