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The Republican Party Takes Flight


Scoop: The Lincoln Project is becoming a media business

Driving the news: The group recently signed with the United Talent Agency (UTA) to help build out Lincoln Media and is weighing offers from different television studios, podcast networks and book publishers.

Why it matters: Lincoln’s plan is part of the new trend of activists developing massive audiences for political influence that they are then able to spin into commercial media success.

  • Flashback: After the 2016 campaign, former Obama staffers launched Crooked Media, which now boasts a sprawling network of podcasts, streaming video, live tours and events.

Because what America needs is another conservative network. And they will take away money and brain space from any liberal media and voices. There will never be a liberal version of Fox News.

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6 Responses to Told Ya

  1. Now THAT’S a luxurious, nay, I’d say yacht-like lifeboat….


  2. Bruce388 says:

    “Truth has a liberal bias.” — Stephen Colbert

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  3. MDavis says:

    A liberal version of Fox News would lack the drama that the bread-and-circuses crowd demands.
    Consider the lowly soap opera. Where would they be if some floozy tried to steal our heroine’s husband and was politely declined. Boooooring!


  4. Lofgren says:

    Isn’t Kelly Anne’s husband in the Lincoln project? Guess we have confirmation of what many have been speculating since 2016.

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  5. purplehead says:

    And you know that just as soon as Biden/Harris are inaugurated, the “Lincoln Project” assholes will be right out of the gate fulminating against adding seats to the Supreme Court and increasing the Federal Court system. They are not liberal, not progressive, do not have this country’s best interest in mind, and are not our friends.

    It really pissed me off that good liberals and the fucking Democratic Party donated hard monies to the Lincoln Project. It’s not like they aren’t their own money-bags. Fuck ’em.

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