(UPDATED) The Yutes Are Voting

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Good news: Texas’ Yutes of Today are voting early in AMAZING numbers:

Got that? 66 percent of the 748,973 voters under 30 who had cast ballots (as of Sunday) didn’t vote in 2016.


“The coronavirus pandemic has introduced additional barriers to voting for young people, a population that isn’t known for turning out in large numbers. Only 43% of citizens ages 18-24 voted in the 2016 election compared to 61.4% of eligible citizens who voted overall.”

“Despite Covid-19 challenges, however, young voters are poised to be a decisive force in the 2020 election with data suggesting record turnout from the group.”

This is YUGE. Keep an eye on this story. The Yutes are pissed, and who can blame them?

UPDATE 1: Digby sez…

“Harvard’s 2020 Youth Poll reports:

“Since the Spring 2020 Harvard Youth Poll conducted in March, former Vice President Joe Biden’s favorability has increased to 56% among likely voters, while the percentage who view him unfavorably remains unchanged (41%). This is an increase compared to our Spring 2020 poll where only 34% of all young adults viewed Biden favorably and 47% who viewed him negatively. The poll also found Biden is viewed favorably by 55% of young Hispanics and unfavorably by 28% of young Hispanics, a significant increase since our Spring 2020 survey which saw his favorability draw even at 38% favorable and 38% unfavorably.


“Nearly half (49%) of young black voters plan to cast their ballots on election day, compared to 28% who report they plan to vote by mail.  They also have lower levels of confidence that their votes will be counted. Only half (50%) report that they are at least very confident their ballots will be counted, compared to 70% of white non-Hispanic voters.

“I’m still looking for turnout data on voters 30-45 for obvious reasons. They are needed to help save democracy too.”

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5 Responses to (UPDATED) The Yutes Are Voting

  1. ming says:

    Us olds are pissed too.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, but we’re always pissed and always voting. –TG

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      • Bruce388 says:

        True, we always vote, but until this year most of us voted for the Goopers which has been a mystery. The Goopers have wanted to destroy Social Security ever since FDR got it passed.

        Turns out the Covidiot’s lack of interest in our continued presence above ground has pissed off a lot of his former fans.

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  2. Infidel753 says:

    Very interesting, since the polls are dependent on the accuracy of their turnout models. The more the turnout among some particular demographic differs from what the model anticipated, the more the actual result will differ from what the polls predict. Biden and Hegar may have a better shot in Texas than we’ve heard.

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  3. MDavis says:

    Even the white guys have only 70% confidence their votes will be counted? I wonder if that can be broken down along red/blue lines (since we’re talking colors, here)

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