Like a Punch To The Gut (More Please)

Here’s another ad that is very good and definitely making an emotional appeal.

Ads by their very nature are manipulative, this powerful ad will be a classic and commented upon like the LBJ Daisy ad when the history of this election is written. They don’t get much more gut-punching than this.

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3 Responses to Like a Punch To The Gut (More Please)

  1. sos says:

    How about a gut punch followed by a nut punch?

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  2. Redhand says:

    I forgot the title of your post for a moment, and thought, “Wow, like a punch to the gut!”

    Well deserved, with this lunatic going full “herd immunity.”

    Such insane times we live in. I heard him at one of his Nuremberg things on the tube today, and couldn’t handle more than about five seconds of his “Sleepy Joe” slurs.

    He’s such a vile piece of trash and a literal killer of tens-of-thousands of us.

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