My Week On Crooks and Liars

Guys, I did it again! Crooks and Liars let me curate Mike’s Blog Round-up. I linked to some of your blogs, I wish I could have linked to more.

Anyway, I thought I might recap my week for your entertainment; also I want to give the bloggers another shout-out.

Monday: I had just watched Hippo Campus do this live-stream event; I’ve been very intrigued with how bands are coping with the shut-down of LIVE performances, and while it is still strange to not hear any audience reaction, I thought this was really cool. Great band, by the way, from the Midwest. If you are lucky enough to have them play in your area after we get out of Pandemica, make plans to go see them.

Good morning Crooks and Liars! The good news and the bad news are the same: 14 unbearable days until the election! I keep reading about all the money and enthusiasm is on the side of Team Good while Team Evil is now rationing their remaining dollars. Best advice I heard all weekend: Go to bed each night knowing Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, BUT wake up each morning thinking he’s down by 5 and GET TO WORK! Keep up the enthusiasm, but assume nothing!

Driftglass reminds us we’ve been here before.

Max’s Dad has a few things to say about The Federalist Society’s latest offering: Judge Barrett.

Big Bad Bald Bastard knows how to hurt a narcissist.

Bonus Track: Shower Cap recaps last week as only he can.

Tuesday: I know that they are a big deal, a winner of some reality teevee show, but I had not paid much Pentatonix before. This nearly A capella  song is really infectious. If you have a moment, their version of Mad World is worthwhile.

Good morning, Crooks and Liars. Repeat after me: “It’s the Pandemic, Stupid.” No matter what argument your Facebook Rage Uncle throws at you in support of Prznint Stupid, the answer is the Pandemic. The economy? Prznint Stupid’s mishandling of the pandemic destroyed it. The SCOTUS nominee? Judge Barrett will take away your healthcare during a pandemic. Drain the swamp? Look at the Republican Senators who did insider trading once they learned about the Pandemic. Be their eyes, help them see.

NotionsCapital gives us the C.V. of Prznint Stupid’s favorite misinformation super-spreader, Dr. Scott Atlas.

GregFallis provides some empathy triage.

Mike the Mad Biologist prescribes becoming a couch potato as our best chance at escaping the Trump’s-Virus this winter. I’m so on it!

Bonus Track: eVille Times sings Disney!

Wednesday: OK, Psycho Killer was a kind of blunt tie-in to the news of the day. So sue me. This is a fun version, tho.

Welcome To Wednesday. Our bloggers reminds us that Prznint Stupid is just another psycho.

The Psy of life has a two-parter on our Narcissist-in-Chief’s deeply disturbing pathology.

Butterflies & Wheels has a different take: Prznint Addictions.

Hackwhackers tells us Prznint Stupid’s 2020 Closing Argument is Pixie Dust, Denials and Smears.

Bonus Track: Stinque channels being Prznint Stupid’s last Travel Agent.

Thursday: Celeste has one of those voices that sends shivers up and down my spine. The movie is getting mixed reviews (Sorkin alert!), but I hope this song and Celeste get some recognition.

Good morning! The theocrats are out in force for the self-proclaimed Chosen One, and at a time when 70% of Americans state that they are in favor of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, well, we learn something about one particular American who isn’t a fan of marriage equality.

TowleRoad tells us that Amy Coney Barrett served as a trustee at an anti-LGBTQ school that barred gay teachers, kids, and kids from same-sex parents.

Juanita Jean reports that Pat Robertson heard from Gawd Almighty hisself that Prznint Stupid is gonna win the re-election so the End Time can start!

Civil Commotion says the Pope is making a step forward for LGBTQ recognition, but it’s not as big as it sounds.

Bonus Track: The Bloggess presents an early halloween story with ghosts and strange noises in the night!

Friday: This reminded me of some of the ’80s vids that I loved so much.

Can you believe it?! Somehow we made it to Friday, Crooks and Liars! As I write this the last 2020 debate has not happened yet, and I cannot imagine that there are many voters who have not made up their minds.

PressRun urges our failed political press to tell the truth about Rush Limbaugh.

Digby’s Hullabaloo reminds us that our social media is failing us, too.

Lawyers, Guns & Money raise a chilling, overlooked aspect to Amy Coney Barrett’s narrative.

BosGuy goes to Fenway. It’s not about sports.

Bonus Track: Open Culture shows us a surprising Freddy Mercury street performance in Spain.

Saturday: Cheap Sunglasses has such a catchy hook, how could I resist?

Happy Saturday, Crooks and Liars! If there’s one lesson to take away from this week, it’s that as Joe Biden says, we’re fighting for the soul of our country – and I would add, on many fronts. Republicans are world class Gish Gallopers, trying to make us lose our balance. We gotta keep our focus for another 9 days. We can do this.

Left Jabs tells us four ways a 6-to-3 Supreme Court could kill us.

You Might Notice A Trend says that the modern Republican cannot reform because they dare not.

Blue Heron Blast discusses the weaponizing of stupidity, takes names, and kicks ass.

Bonus Track: By Hook or By Book reminds us of how astonishing books are.

Bonus-bonus Track: Open Culture tells us that Jimi Hendrix was a big fan of Sci-Fi. Who knew?

Sunday: Daria. That is all. Usually I like covers when they bring something new to the material, but I’m so impressed not only that these Russian teens are singing in English, but in their context, this is really a subversive act. They nail it.

What a week! We’ve seen Republican treachery (Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination) and incompetence (anything Prznint Stupid has done), and if it were not so terrifying it would be laughable. Thanks to the work of 28+ bloggers, we’ve managed to make sense of this week, and despite everything, we still had a few giggles along the way.

Just An Earthbound Misfit reports that Prznint Stupid want us to die, especially if we’re poor.

Reveal reveals how claims of voter fraud in Florida fell apart.

The Way of Improvement tells theocrat Robert Jeffress, “That’s not scriptural!”

Bonus Track: Crazy Eddie’s Motie News celebrates National Talk Show Host Day 2020 with Colbert, Kimmel, Sam Bee, Seth Meyers, and Trevor Noah!

As always, thank you everyone and I thank Crooks and Liars for letting me be part of the team this week. I hope to be back soon!

Crooks and Liars doesn’t have to do this; it remains amazing to me that as one of the original, A-List blogs they have kept helping out smaller blogs all these years. It’s really a testament to them that they remember their own past.

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5 Responses to My Week On Crooks and Liars

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Another well job fine-done, TG. I don’t know how you do it, but you are superlative at it; I can barely keep pace with the reading of it, while you do all the heavy lifting of sourcing it out, and parsing it to essentials.

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  2. Martin Pollard says:

    Even though I was nowhere near their demographic (I was 31 when it first aired in 1997), I loved Daria so much that I ran a fan site for it for 13 years (don’t know if you ever heard of Outpost Daria, but that was me), until it became more work than fun and I decided to ride off into the sunset. I’m looking forward to seeing if the Jodie spinoff is a worthy successor, and whether we’ll see any of the characters from Daria show up.

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    • tengrain says:

      Martin – I think you outpost was how we found each other, n’est-ce pas?

      I think that Lawndale High is pretty much a universal and timeless place; it doesn’t matter much when you matriculated, I think we all went there.



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  3. Thank you for including me, but kudos must go to Beth at as she’s the one who originally shared the wonderful quote.☺️

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  4. Jimmy T says:

    Mad World encapsulated so much of my life as a younger man. Always have a sweet spot for anyone doing it well. My favorite all time version (I’ve forgotten where I found it, maybe your site) is this one…

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