We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark (Trump-Virus Edition)

CNN buries the lede 7 paras down:

“Well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it,” Fauci told CNN’s Erin Burnett Friday.

And you may ask yourself why Dr. Fauci is saying that now, and Axios has the answer:

The U.S. confirmed at least 83,010 coronavirus cases on Friday, the country’s highest daily total since the pandemic started, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project.

By the numbers: Friday’s total surpassed the U.S.’s previous record set on July 17 when 76,842 cases were recorded.

  • The current surge is more widespread than the uptick seen on July 17, when just four states accounted for more than 40,000 cases recorded, according to the Washington Post.

I’ve read that we are nearing 100K cases a day territory. The Trump-Virus is spreading like a common wildfire in California.

Also Axios:

Nearly 130,000 fewer people will die of COVID-19 this winter if 95% of Americans wear face masks in public, according to new research published today.

Good luck with that, buddy.

Why it matters: “Increasing mask use is one of the best strategies that we have right now to delay the imposition of social distancing mandates,” Dr. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington told the N.Y. Times.

  • “We strongly believe we are heading into a pretty grim winter season.”
  • The new study estimates hospitalizations and deaths will rise until January, then continue at that level until the spring.
  • It “also offered a rough estimate of the pandemic’s toll in the United States: perhaps 500,000 deaths by March 2021, even with social distancing mandates reinstated in most states,” the Times notes.


If anyone you know is going maskless, shun them. They are endangering your life and well-being, and that of your family, friends, and neighbors. The only Both Sides here are the living and the dead.

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10 Responses to We’re Totally Eff’ed In The Dark (Trump-Virus Edition)

  1. sos says:

    Man, this whole “living in hell” thing is not all that it is cracked up to be. I mean it really sucks.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    If more people wore masks CNN would have to find other less sensational content to fill their schedule than a half million dead stupid people.

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    • ali redford says:

      Problem is, it isn’t only the stupid people who are dead. No doubt some of those dead people wore masks in good faith that others would, also, but they didn’t, so mask-wearers get sick, too.

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  3. julesmomcat says:

    Stupidity has obvious, deadly consequences.

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  4. Stony Pillow says:

    Because a lot of people tend to be tested over the weekend, and also the mechanics of reporting, the following Friday is typically the peak day of the week for new reported infections. Look at the last several Fridays:

    Sep. 18: 47K
    Sep. 25: 55K
    Oct. 2: 49K
    Oct. 9: 57K
    Oct. 16: 68K
    Oct. 23: 83K

    We could very well see our first 100K day next Friday.

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    I hope Joe follows through on his plans, and issues an EO on his first day, mandating nationwide mask-wearing in public, and makes it a highly-publicized announcement, with his Surgeon General and Dr Fauci and whoever he chooses to head the NIH right there beside him, with a slew of other scientists and Drs surrounding them.
    It can’t be a toothless order, it has to carry the full weight of the law, with penalties clearly spelled out, not just for the general public, but for ANY elected official, from governors on down to mayors and city councils, who refuse to follow such an order. If we have complete control of both houses, pass legislation giving high-ranking health officials the final say in this and similar situations.

    And then I hope his second official act will be to have his AG and the FBI arrest and detain the tRump Crime Family, to be held without bail, pending trial, calling them an extreme flight-risk to avoid prosecution.

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  6. MDavis says:

    It’s not just direct deaths. One of our semi-local hospitals imposed tight restrictions on chemo patients. No caregivers in with patients, supposedly to reduce risk. Result – those who need their caregivers with them have a harder time getting treatment. Also, we witnessed vulnerable people arriving for chemotherapy turned away because their screener “thought” she heard them wheezing, and all in the name of protecting vulnerable people. They were told to come back at their next scheduled treatment.
    There’s more. There is always more.

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    • laura says:

      Know anybody seeking a teaching credential? The destruction of the public education system in plain sight is nightmare fuel.

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      • MDavis says:

        I have family that retired from teaching in primary education. I think they were already glad to have gotten out 20 years ago. And there seems to be a lot of home schooling going on. A lot of it is tied to religion, but we have had people talking to us about the things in the curriculum that they don’t like. I’ve been away from all of that long enough that I don’t know what modern curriculum is – except for the Texas driven stuff about rewriting history to give America a figurative white hat in all thing political and military.

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