(UPDATED) Stable Jenius Confesses, Part Infinity

About Last Night…

(stolen from Twitter)

Before the debates started last night (which I did not watch), for reasons only knowable in his dank, diseased orange brain, Prznint Stupid let his grievances freak-flag fly and released his 60 Minutes interview.

Handsome Joe Biden’s 2020 Goat Rodeo campaign should send Prznint Stupid a thank-you note for the in-kind contribution of 1) saying plainly that he hopes the SCOTUS will strike down the ACA, and B) admitting the Whitey House does not have a backup plan for the 20M Americans who would lose their coverage as a result.

I mean seriously, this was a gift, and he gave it to the Lincoln Group days ahead of when 60 Minutes will air, giving them the opportunity to have an ad up by Sunday when non-political junkies will be watching and gasping.

Anyway, I figured that this was a sign for how the so-called debate was going to go, so I didn’t feel like I was missing anything:

UPDATE 1: I have not seen a single snap poll that shows Prznint Stupid winning the debate. All of them have Handsome Joe winning and the winning by is beyond the margin of error.

UPDATE 2: The WaPo

“During the final presidential debate, President Trump made reference to ‘the laptop from hell,’ ‘AOC plus three’ and ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ — yes, said three times in a row.

“The material was very familiar to — and maybe only familiar to — regular viewers of Fox News opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity.

Said Meet the Press host Chuck Todd: “I feel like he almost was speaking the language of Fox prime time. If you watch a lot of Fox prime time, you understand what he’s saying. If you don’t, you have no idea.

“It was a point made over and over again across networks as political commentators and journalists wondered aloud whether Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden flew over the heads of many Americans who aren’t regular consumers of conservative television, radio and websites.”

UPDATE 3: The New Yorker

“Donald Trump blew it. Thursday night was his last, best chance to save his Presidency. With a national television audience and a reprieve after his horrible first debate performance and coronavirus hospitalization, the President could have used his second, and final, debate with Joe Biden to make a late play to win the election, which is only eleven days from now. He could have spoken to Americans’ pain and suffering during this unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis. He could have offered a program for recovery, and for his next four years in office.”

“But he did not. To anyone who has been watching Trump closely these past few years, that is not a surprise. He did not, because he could not.”

UPDATE 4 Vanity Fair has a fun piece up with commentary from each of their starred political reporters. Here’s the teaser:

Joe Biden delivered strong one-liners—“He’s a very confused guy. He thinks he’s running against somebody else”—while Trump devolved into Fox News gibberish, Kristen Welker “crushed it,” and the Hive team followed each twist and turn.
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9 Responses to (UPDATED) Stable Jenius Confesses, Part Infinity

  1. sos says:

    Matt (Bucket-o-douche) Lewis has Trump winning the debate. Lordy what a schnozzle.

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  2. donnah says:

    I watched the first debate and barely survived. I watched last night’s too. Biden won. Period.

    Trump was more subdued, but he lied more than he did in the first debate, if that’s even possible. Practically every sentence in every segment was a lie. His statistics were a lie. His descriptors were lies. He didn’t shout or dominate or interrupt, but he lied like mad.

    Biden was calm, often incredulous at Trump’s statements, but he answered with sincerity and honesty. He admitted to past mistakes and he laid out literal plans for issues like Covid and climate change. He won the debate.

    Vote, vote, vote.

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  3. Watching the shambolic progress of the trump campaign in 2020, Yet Another Showbiz Analogy came to mind…He never expected to win in 2016, and everything since has been a frantic cat trying cover a turd on a tile floor effort to deal with the outcome of an election they intended to lose, as a runup to “TrumpTV”, to make millions from the rubes they’d riled up to pay off the half-billion he owes the very bad guys who have fronted him money…

    What this the song playing in Trump HQ that November day in 2016?

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  4. MDavis says:

    But Biden looked at his watch.
    James Woods tried to sell a notion that Joe was getting text messages on his (analog) watch.

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  5. MDavis says:

    Is this guy fighting for another slice of relevance or does he just have a sense of humor?


    • I think he’s got a sense of resigned humor about it. He tweeted something else recently about a ‘scaramucci’. He’s still a gop asshole, but he has self-awareness that so many of them don’t…

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