I’m shocked

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  1. Well, duh! He dumped that shit on Pence in the beginning. Can’t be his fault if he wasn’t in charge can it?

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  2. roket says:

    So is it time to stop waiting on him to become presidential then, or what?

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  3. donnah says:

    As usual with Trump, he dismisses the professionals who provide information that he doesn’t like. Fauci is highly regarded and a respected member of the medical community, liked by more people than Trump, most likely. So he’s dumped Fauci and the useless Dr Birx in favor of the herd immunity nutjob Atlas.

    We must not forget that Trump knew back in February how deadly and contagious Covid is. He knew. He got advice from Fauci and other experts and ignored it. He choked, then he decided he would simply ignore it and let it run through our population, killing people in vast numbers. And now we coast, unfunded, minimally tested, and waiting for a vaccine that will likely not be ready until next year.

    So Trump can go down in flames, and let Biden take over with actual plans.

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