Great Ads, Cont.

It’s a little maudlin and manipulative, but in a good way.

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  1. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    As a female person, though not a particularly sentiment-prone one, I find this ad very good and apt. The emotions don’t strike me as excessive or too manipulative (and anyway, what are ads for, after all?) A lot of people are very anxious, or actually grieving if they’ve lost someone close to them. And the theme of owning up to making a mistake being a manly characteristic, not an admission of weakness, is IMO really needed.

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  2. MDavis says:

    Manipulative political ad? Say it ain’t so, Joe!
    This move of appealing to LDN supporters seems like a good one. There was a day when the choice of voice would have been John Wayne to appeal to that cohort. Sam Elliot (or a soundalike) seems a good choice for today. It would even fit for Sam to have been an actual LDN supporter with the stones to realize he screwed up and fess up to it, so the storyline behind the manipulation plays pretty well.

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    • Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

      I’d be interested to know how you or TG define “manipulative”. To me the word has lurking negative connotation. Do you think so too?

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      • tengrain says:

        Sandahl –

        It’s manipulative because it is making an emotional appeal. It is not negative, it is manipulative in the same way that Reagan’s “Morning in America” was.



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      • MDavis says:

        Shorter – manipulation can be used for good or for ill, it depends on the purpose it is put to.

        “Manipulative” has negative connotations to me, as well. Here’s a Merriam-Webster’s def.:
        “serving or intended to control or influence others in an artful and often unfair or selfish way” Unfair and selfish are pretty negative, right? But, as with so many things, it depends. (for one thing, often is not always) Is it manipulative to sing your child a lullaby? That could be lulling them into going to sleep. But sleep is good for them, even something they need. Is it manipulative to respond to Governor Whitmer’s mask mandate with a tweet “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”? Yeah, and that is manipulation on a whole different level. That one may or may not have encouraged some slasher/guerrilla warefare fantasy movie fans to threaten a government official’s freedom and life.
        So – unfortunately, political ads don’t focus so much on declaiming a candidate’s policies and campaign promises. They are much more likely to focus on trying to manipulate the voters into rejecting an opponent. It’s become expected, and campaigns can last over a year so there is a lot of time to throw mud and emotional manipulation around. LDN’s current campaign has literally lasted for more than his entire administration, although he didn’t officially register until 2017, February. He’s had a lot of time to amplify rumors and manipulate his followers, and a lot of that manipulations is really dangerous (see: Governor Whitmer, and others)
        Because of the actions of tRump and the mindset of his most deplorable followers, I’d put this manipulation in the basket of trying to get a group of children to behave in a less dangerous way.


  3. osirisopto says:

    Unfortunately, the people this ad is targeted at can’t spell either “dad”, or “son”.

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