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Regular readers know that I don’t particularly pay attention to horse-race journalism. The money chase is boring and as big donors can pour in buckets of money (hi Shelly Adelson!), so totals don’t equal enthusiasm.

Anyway, on the day in 2017 Prznint Stupid was sworn into office, he signed the papers starting his 2020 Goat Rodeo re-election campaign and started fundraising. As has been widely reported, his treasure chest of raised funds was alleged to be over $1B Ameroes.

So what happened to all that cheddar? Oh, you know, stupid decisions and grifting:

— Over $7.4 million spent at Trump-branded properties since 2017.

— At least $35.9 million spent on Trump merchandise.

— $39 million in legal and “compliance” fees. In addition to tapping the RNC and his campaign to pay legal costs during his impeachment proceedings, Trump has also relied on his political operation to cover legal costs for some aides.

— At least $15.1 million spent on the Republican National Convention. The event was supposed to be in Charlotte, North Carolina, but Trump relocated it to Jacksonville, Florida, after a dispute with North Carolina’s Democratic governor over coronavirus safety measures. The Florida event was ultimately canceled, with a mostly online convention taking its place. Disclosures show the RNC still spent $1 million at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, near Jacksonville.

— $912,000 spent on ads that ran on the personal Facebook pages of Parscale and Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson.

— A $250,000 ad run during Game 7 of the 2019 World Series, which came after Trump was booed by spectators when he attended Game 5.

— At least $218,000 for Trump surrogates to travel aboard private jets provided by campaign donors.

— $1.6 million on TV ads in the Washington, D.C., media market, an overwhelmingly Democratic area where Trump has little chance of winning but where he is a regular TV watcher.

And my personal favorite: $100k went to the literary aspirations of Junior Mints -“Nearly $100,000 [was] spent on copies of Donald Trump Jr.’s book Triggered, which helped propel it to the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.”

One of the laughable lies that pushed Prznint Apprentice into the White House was that he was a genius businessman who would use his Art of the Deal negotiating skills to Make America Great Allegedly. But we know in reality that he is totally a failure who put six companies into bankruptcy and accrued so many losses that he basically never paid income taxes.


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  1. Mrs BDR caught this story yesterday, her comment to me was:

    Historically, vanity fair does the funny, not ap.
    “10 monkeys with flamethrowers” belies that.

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  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Did you notice how not a single cent was wasted on reimbursing the various locales where he held his rallies, when he was billed for the extra security costs? ALL of those charges are still due, and outstanding, and I’ve also seen where some towns and cities have levied fines against him for disobeying local ordinances regarding crowd-size, and mandatory mask-wearing.

    But you just try telling a MAGAT that in no sense of the word is he a successful businessman, but more like the World’s Biggest Cheat, and Deadbeat.

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    • Yep when he came here on Monday the mayor reminded him he still owes us $86,000. No idea what this trip cost us, but it generated a fair bit of controversy:

      “I thought we had a verbal agreement with the Sheriif’s Department”.

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      • Dennis Cole says:

        BDR – so as it turns out, there IS a branch of the campaign that’s willing to pay for private security, rather than demanding that the local PD and Sheriffs provide extra security at no cost.
        And those “Mule-ishas” he requested to “Stand back and stand by” are not really Militias, at least not according to the 2nd A, which requires them to be “well-regulated,” which is a point I have to constantly remind people of on other social media platforms.
        As a “for instance,” your State Police are a quasi-militia, because their duties extend beyond what a Militia is formed for, and by the actions they take, which includes policing and crime-solving.
        But the National Guard is a prime example of a 2nd A Militia, being formed and regulated for the express purpose of being “called up,” or called upon to help maintain order during crises, and to help reestablish infrastructure, and assist the citizenry pursuant to National Disasters, by the distribution of food and water, etc.

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  3. MDavis says:

    That’s only about a tenth of the claimed billion dollar war chest.
    Sorting that tenth out, though, it seems that LDN made out.
    Directly selling trump stuff – $43.4 million, if you count jr’s book
    paying LDN’s legal bills – $39 million (the biggest single item – it figures, doesn’t it)
    sucking up to LDN – $2.762 million
    paying off LDN’s flunkies and donors – $15.318 million

    Now, if he’d just remember that his whole original idea was to make Ameros out of this whole adventure we could be rid of him. But, just like all of his other bankrupt ventures, he’s forgotten or perverted what his purpose in running was.
    Atlantic City is an example – started as a casino but got perverted into a way to plaster gold gilt all over everything that had his name on it.
    Trump Tower – see Atlantic City
    Trump Airlines – started as a profitable shuttle service, got perverted into a way to plaster gold gilt all over everything that had his name on it.
    Trump Steaks/Vodka/winery/restaurants – started as a way to sell food, got perverted into – well I’m not quite sure. Either promoting the crappy food/drink he likes and screw up other offerings, or maybe just cheapening the process to the point that the food/drink wasn’t really worth mid-range market rates and then overcharging.
    And so on.

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  4. MDavis says:

    “You could literally have 10 monkeys with flamethrowers go after the money, and they wouldn’t have burned through it as stupidly.”
    I’m totally using that monkey analogy.

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  5. roket says:

    I’m sure this is merely a partial list. Looks to be about a third went down the rabbit hole.

    “Meanwhile, a web of limited liability companies hid more than $356 million in spending from disclosure, records show.”

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