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Scissorhead Baron vonBeavis alerts us:

Only 2 major US newspapers have endorsed Trump for reelection

and I’ll do a spoiler right now: one of ’em is Shelly Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. Adelson, as you might know, just donated $75M Ameros to Lord Damp Nut’s sinking campaign. So is it really an endorsement or is Shelly trying to recoup his losses? The other endorsement is from Arkansas, so you do the math (“Math! That wizardry! Burn the witch!,” Arkansaslers (is too a word!) didn’t scream, “On a good day Ah can count to 21 on mah hands and fingers!”)

You might already have read that USA Today, which is notoriously shy about endorsing anything, endorsed Joe Biden. I think it is a first.


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13 Responses to Endorsements!

  1. donnah says:

    Major news publications, major scientific organizations, former military leaders, former Republican leaders, former staff and WH employees…look at all of those who are speaking out AGAINST Trump. People on the inside, who have had to work with him and for him…they all despise him, telling us he’s unfit, telling us he’s a terrible human being. I wish everyone would listen and believe what they’re saying. He has to go!

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  2. “What is remarkable about Trump is that he has kept so many of his campaign promises, especially compared to previous presidents,” the Democrat Gazette’s editorial board wrote.

    Ban All muslims from entering the US? Nope, though he did make a good run at it.
    The US Economy did NOT ‘roar to life with double-digit growth year after year’
    Fabulous replacement for the ACA? Nop, unless he’s counting Coathanger Amy
    Built that wall? a few bits; and well, amazingly the Mexicans just managed to find 33 foot ladders to defeat his impregnable 32 foot wall.
    Coal miners have plentiful jobs? nope.
    The rest of the world respects us again? HAHAHA nope.
    He re-negotiated NAFTA? Well, slapped a new coat of paint and affixed a gigantic gold-painted T on it, so sorta? Nothing actually changed.
    He DID move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (so Shelley Adelson could make a tidy profit and prop up his Israeli Trump.

    Anyone else have an example I’ve forgotten?

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  3. Wesley Sandel says:

    The GOP has Chachi and we have Mel Brooks.

    That’s what winning looks like

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    Let us not forget that he HAS been endorsed by some of the best military minds on the planet, and by some outstanding social groups who seek to bring light into a dark world by burning crosses at night, helping non-members find their way. Or the way away.

    Yes, I’m referring to the Taliban and the KKK

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    • Given the Taliban have defeated both us AND the Soviets, I’m willing to give them some cred.

      Also their ancestors kicked the Brits ass in the 19th Century and their ancestors beat Alexander the Great.

      Aint’ called the “Graveyard fof Empires” for nuttin’.

      But whatta I know. I’m just a dirty fucking hippie who was saying the same damned thing in [checks notes] 2001…

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  5. osirisopto says:

    $75M, huh?

    did the gang that couldn’t shoot straight buy $75M worth of ads in the Las Vegas Review Journal?

    Asking for a friend.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    I’m thinking newspaper endorsements only have some significance for people inclined to read.

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  7. roket says:

    The Arkansas Democrat Gazette endorses LDN? Funny story. The Paducah (KY) Sun Democrat dropped the Democrat back in 1978. It is now called the Paducah Sun. Proof that Arkansas is in fact at least 40 years behind everyone else.


  8. sleeve98 says:

    Boy, it’s a good thing Arkansans don’t really exist, ‘Grain, or all your eugenicist-sounding stereotyping and shit-talking might piss someone off.

    How about we mock and deride the MAGAts for what they say and do instead, hmmm?


    • tengrain says:

      Sleeve98 –

      Glad you no longer live there (if Arkansas actually exists, and I have my doubts)! You’d have Irans pen pal Tom Cotton and ACA-foe/NRA-friend Tom Boozman as your senators, and no one deserves that.




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