Expect LinkedIn To Crash Any Moment

Tomorrow Belongs to Me!

The WaPo:

Four years ago, some Republicans who said unsavory things during the campaign about the new president worried that such remarks might ruin their chances of redemption via employment in the Trump administration. Today, some of those same Republicans are now quietly on the job hunt as President Trump’s standing in the polls continues to slide against Democratic nominee Joe Biden with decision time in just 18 days. But now, these GOPers are hoping the Trump presidency isn’t a disqualifying blemish on their resumes or Google footprint as the door revolves the other way and they seek to land, once again, in the private sector.

Over a dozen Republican strategists, former Trump administration staffers, current Capitol Hill hands and associates close to the Trump White House predict that many graduates of the Trump administration could have a tough time sticking a landing in the private sector. They say Trump’s shaky standing in the campaign—and his pull on down-ballot races—is already making Republicans especially nervous.

Perhaps they could compete on The Master Race reality teevee show?

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4 Responses to Expect LinkedIn To Crash Any Moment

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    No reputable company will want to hire anyone reeking with TrumpStank™, because it’ll be assumed that if you didn’t assist with the regime’s lies, bigotry, racism, and crimes against humanity, you were at least okay with them. Their best bet is to angle for a position somewhere on the Wingnut Welfare Gravy Train, which, fortunately for them, has an endless number of cars.

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  2. roket says:

    It’s another sign of a weak economy when the republican welfare train becomes selective.

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  3. Trumps cadres of taintkissers and farthuffers will be standing in line, hoping to get a blessing from their Dear Leader that will never come. I believe the Candycorn Skidmark will become an expat Argentinian, trying rent Adolph Eichmann’s former hacienda.

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  4. spotthedog says:

    On the other hand, a never-ending lineup of “talent” for Dancing With The Stars.


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