Trump-Virus Protocols: Compare and Contrast Candidates!

(H/T Scissorhead Dennis Cole)

On Thursday handsome Joe Biden’s campaign announced that Kamala Harris’s communications director, along with a member of the flight crew, had tested positive for coronavirus. (Harris has tested negative.)

  1. The campaign released a detailed statement about its existing safety protocols and next steps.
  2. Harris suspending her travel.
  3. The campaign began immediate contact tracing.

On Wednesday night, Prznint Stupid—who infected his own Whitey House and then prohibited contact tracing:

  1. sundowned to the press cabin on the back Air Forced Once (Been there, the Press Cabin is tiny and cramped, btw. Think the cheapest seats on the most packed flight you’ve ever been on.)
  2. spoke without a mask for ten minutes to the enemy of the people, er,  reporters.

Also on Wednesday Lord Damp Nut lied,

“You know they keep saying nobody wears masks, wear the masks. Although then they come out with things today, did you see CDC? That 85% of the people wearing the mask catch it. OK?”

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1 Response to Trump-Virus Protocols: Compare and Contrast Candidates!

  1. If “85% of the people wearing the mask” catch it, then we reached “herd mentality” months ago.

    Even presuming that 50% of that 74% are lying, a whole lot more Americans are wearing masks than President Tertiary Syphilis says.

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