So Much Winning!

The Miracle of the Trump Economy

Stable Jenius

Guys, try to think back to February, which was approximately 13 centuries ago, I know. The 4th Reich was a month into telling Wee the Peeple that the Trump-Virus was nothing to worry about whatsoever.  The NYTimes tell us that in February Prznint Stupid talked to the board members of the Hoover Institution (the über right wing think tank at Stanford University — Hi Condi Rice!) to tip them off months before the Trump-Virus devastated the rest of us.

The ol’ tip-off gave the plutocrats enough time to not only sell-off the stuff that was going to sink like a rock, but to buy the stuff that was gonna soar. I bet they never ran out of TP, the bastards!

Anyway, while those rat bastards were off getting their 4th yacht, the rest of us got the shaft. We noted yesterday that millions of us slipped over the edge into poverty.

You don’t need IBM’s Watson to see that these dire numbers are the direct result of the Republicans in the Senate from blocking further aid once the CARES Act expired months ago, and you can create your own conspiracy theories as to why.

But never fear! Our Stable Jenius, sensing a moment where he could  be cruel to us, and take a swipe at the most powerful Skirt in congress said the quiet part out loud: he did it for his stupid pride –

During an interview on Fox Business, Trump said he wanted to spend more than the $1.8 trillion his administration had offered, but that he couldn’t accept House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s proposal because she wants “goodies.”

“She wants to bail out badly run Democrat states and cities,” Trump said. “She wants money for things that you would never ― just, your pride couldn’t let it happen.”

So to sum it up: Przninit Stupid 1) lied to everyone except wealthy investors about the dangers of coronavirus while B) withholding life-saving information  about the Trump-Virus from us, and iii)  denied us a financial lifeline just to stick it to Nancy Pelosi.

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6 Responses to So Much Winning!

  1. Robert Mcneilly says:

    Trumps new theme song:
    Don’t fear the reaper.

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    • Karla says:

      Ha! I wrote some parody lyrics to that very song the other day. I won’t bore you with them all but it starts like:

      All our times have come
      Here but now they’re gone
      MAGAts don’t fear the reaper
      Nor do Hope Hicks, Kellyanne, or Mike Lee
      We can be like they are

      Come on baby, don’t fear the COVID
      Baby breathe my air, don’t fear the COVID
      We’ll be able to fly, don’t fear the COVID
      Baby Trump’s your man

      {cough}, {cough}, {cough}, {cough}, {cough}
      {cough}, {cough}, {cough}, {cough}, {cough}

      Labor Day is done
      Election soon will come
      Too many people that we knew
      Are together in eternity, many people that we knew
      Hundred thousand women before today, many people that we knew
      Hundred thousand men before today, such unhappiness
      Several thousand coming every day. We can be like they are

      Come on baby, don’t fear the COVID
      Baby breathe my air, don’t fear the COVID


  2. No not just to diss Nancy Smash, to diss all those “badly run Democrat states and cities”

    You know, the ones he needs votes from to get re-elected…

    I’m now completely convinced that he didn’t expect to win in 2016. His entire presidential campaign was a gimmick to boost his ratings for his rumored “Trump TV” channel.

    Also Mrs BDR told me (but has not provided the linkage) that she read that even after he won in 2016, he tried negotiating with NBC to do a new season of the Apprentice from the Oval Office, and the NBC honchos had to repeatedly inform him that that was a bad idea and illegal as hell.

    This is what he had in mind when he reported offered to put Kasich in charge of “foreign and domestic policy” and trump would be the “star” of the white house.

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  3. beckymaenot says:

    If the Dems win the WH and Senate- that asshole TRE45ON and the lame duck Congress are going to tank the economy on purpose just to fuck over the new guys coming in. Then, the very serious grownups in the GOP will trot out the record setting new national deficit (which should absolutely be re-branded to the Trump-deficit) to block any and all aid to the people suffering the most from the Trump-Recession. Then they will blame everything on all the new dems in charge in the hopes of winning back the house in 2022 and the WH in 2024. The next 10 years are going to be a shit show- but maybe we will have people in charge who give a shit about the regular Americans still living here and will raise taxes on the people who have been profiting from our misery.

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