The Eff’ery Never Stops

Yup, the Republicans are setting up decoy ballot boxes to try to steal your vote. I do hope that they know that election tampering is a felony. I also hope that they get caught.


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2 Responses to The Eff’ery Never Stops

  1. Wow! So the Republicans are trying to prove election fraud exists by committing election fraud themselves. Huh.🤔

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  2. Perturbation says:

    I’d say I’m stunned that they would do something so blatantly illegal, but this is today’s GOP we’re talking about. They’re tired of being coy about the racism and authoritarianism and the voter suppression and everything else, and they want you to know how tired they are.

    Another article I read about this quoted the church’s social media posts about the box:

    “The church posted on social media that the box was ‘approved and brought by the GOP,'” the Register reported. “The post said church officials don’t have a key to the box and that GOP officials pick up the ballots.”

    Oh so it’s officially the GOP that’s doing it, officially approved so it’s very official and nothing possibly shady could be going on here!

    A writer at Slate said:

    “Apparently they’re trying to prove voter fraud is real by committing actual election fraud.”

    …which will remind anyone who’s been paying attention of James O’Keefe’s attempt to raise awareness of the problem of voter fraud when photo IDs aren’t required by….filming himself attempting to commit voter fraud.

    It’s always projection with these people, but I’m sure they believe they’re only doing exactly what those evil Democrats would do if they’d thought of it first. Step 1: Convince yourself Democrats are doing or will do exactly the worst things you’d like to do. 2: Do all that stuff. 3: Claim the Democrats made you do it because certainly they’d be doing the exactly the same thing if you hadn’t beaten them to it. 4: Sleep well at night, assuming you haven’t been indicted on felony election tampering charges.

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