Quote of the Morning

The goalpost looks like a crucifix, Jeebus!

The NYTimes:

“President Trump’s long rants and seemingly erratic behavior last week — which some doctors believe might have been fueled by his use of dexamethasone, a steroid, to treat Covid-19 — renewed a long-simmering debate among national security experts about whether it is time to retire one of the early inventions of the Cold War: the unchecked authority of the president to launch nuclear weapons.”

Make this happen, please. Reagan was terrifying, I don’t want to live through that again.

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9 Responses to Quote of the Morning

  1. Lofgren says:

    This was done, if I understand, because former presidents didn’t trust the military not to treat nuclear weapons as just another bomb. Had anything changed to make us think they can be trusted now?


    • tengrain says:

      I would put the Football somewhere where the President and the Congress each have only one-half of the combo lock.



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      • lofgren says:

        I get that Russia’s arsenal is getting old and China does not appear to have any desire to reboot the stone age at the moment, but it seems like the same factors that required an instantaneous response in the 50s are still relevant today. It’s impossible to use nuclear weapons defensively if the president has to get permission from Congress, because any strike would have to be planned out in advance. Any country that wants to attack us first knows that it might take hours for us to retaliate, while the required members of Congress are rounded up and determine how it will affect their reelection campaigns if the US is reduced to a blackened cinder.

        Plus, I don’t expect it to actually slow the president down very much if he does want to launch a first strike. Congress pretty much always follows the president’s recommendation when he wants to start a war. (Is there even one example in our history of armed conflict being prevented by Congress denying the president war powers?) Also, the more you distribute responsibility for a decision, the easier it is for people to go along with it and deny their own responsibility later. Remember when Hillary said she voted for the war powers resolution because nobody in Congress actually thought that Bush would launch a first strike against Iraq? I was a college student in California, and I knew what was coming, as did everybody I know who protested. Congress didn’t think Bush would actually attack because they didn’t want to accept responsibility for it when he did, but they DEFINITELY didn’t want to accept responsibility for stopping him from attacking.

        Our current system is terrible, but I’m afraid that putting the most important decision in history into the hands of the most powerful civilian in the country is as good as we can do. The fact that Trump would have to accept personal responsibility for using nuclear weapons without any opportunity to shift blame to one of his rotating staff members is probably the number one reason he never did it.


  2. mark r. says:

    the president’s nuclear football is the perceived solution to the problem ‘what if a russki surprise attack needs to be responded to right away’ – giving the president the power to do this was thought to make such a surprise attack less likely


    • tengrain says:

      The discussion is about taking away the President’s ability to make a surprise nuclear attack.

      The football was metaphor, but I take your point.




  3. w3ski4me says:

    We are fortunate that Donny loves Russia or we might be in a world of hurt. Also, there is the fact that Donny is spending the majority of his tenure riling up the Confudderate and Nazi parts of our population, not the “Foreign Policy Hawks” as most Presidents have done. I don’t think he exactly wants to nuke Ca. and NY so we have that in our favor. At least so far. No one knows the mind of a crazy person though. He is capable of everything that is bad.


  4. Ten Bears says:

    You have got to see this movie!

    A 2009 kid movie (I’m a Grampa, ok?), Monsters v Aliens features Stephen Colbert as the voice of the pResident of the Untied States, his onscreen presence the most amazing cross between Our Tea Pot Dictator and his butt-buddy the Rocket Boy, Kim Jong Un. The size, most physical features and mannerisms all Drumpf uck, the hair a cross between the two, and the face and glasses Kim.

    Quite prescient for a 2009 release, a far more adult cartoon than kid with a lot of cracks straight out of today’s headlines. Notably: at one point pResident Hathaway/Kim/Trump almost pushes the button that blows up the world rather than the button that summons his diet-pepsi, and then asks “who invented this system!?” “Uhmmm, you did, sir.”

    Too which he flippantly responds “Well, fire somebody!”

    At the end, past the credits, being stupid, he blows up the world.


  5. roket says:

    “President Trump’s long rants and seemingly erratic behavior last week —

    Last week? What about last month, or last year, or the year before that?? If it takes four years for national security experts to notice that LDN is cray cray then they are not frigging experts.

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    I always thought that the person in charge of lugging the football around is supposed to be of sufficiently high rank, and intelligence, to be able to perceive a real threat, and if having the Prez push the button is the correct response. If there is no threat except in the preznit’s deranged mind, then it’s a “no-go.” Remember, military personnel do not have to obey an unlawful order or command, even if it’s from the C-inC, and are, in fact, duty-bound to refuse to do so, and to prevent, if possible that order from going out to any other soldier, sailor, Marine or flyboy.

    So if tRump were to say, “Fuck all this, gimme the fuckin thing, I’m gonna launch some nukes,” it would be incumbent on the Carrier of the Case to not just disobey, but to prevent that from happening at all costs. I would hope that there’s some kind of pre-arranged signal that he can use to alert the Secret Service that it’s just Dumbo trying to pull off a circus act, and that they would have to come to his assistance, and somehow restrain the Prez, if that’s necessary.

    Because I wouldn’t put it past Lord Damp Nut to sequester himself somewhere with his Secret Service contingent where outside info and influence is unattainable, at least temporarily, and that the need to launch is overwhelming.



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