Coathanger’s Confirmation Hearing Starts Today!

Amy Coney Barret
(Undated File Photo)

With just over 3 weeks to go until our long national emergency ends on election day, the 4th Reich and Senate Republicans begin their push to confirm would-be Justice Coathangers Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings today.

As we all know, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Huckleberry Closetcase is facing a very competitive 2020 campaign by surprisingly well-funded Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, who has now released record-breaking campaign donations. Tellingly, Lady G has not released totals yet, but appears to be seriously out-gunned. One headline trending: “Graham’s last stand?”

Adding further DRAMA! into the confirmation hearings is the wild speculation that Lady G might have the Trump-Virus and that this confirmation hearing could be a super-spreader event. The tradition seating of the hearings would have Graham sitting at the vertex of the senators thus making his droplets available to all.

Late-breaking on the Trump-Virus angle:

This morning’s festivities are the pontificating poltroons each speaking for 10 minutes or so. Late this afternoon, Coathangers will make her appearance (puff of sulfurous smoke optional) and read her dissembling statement.

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4 Responses to Coathanger’s Confirmation Hearing Starts Today!

  1. donnah says:

    I can’t/won’t watch. At this point, I simply can’t stand the sound of Republicans blathering on about anything, especially the virtues of a dangerous judge with the potential to wreak havoc on the laws of the land. I assume that she will be confirmed in spite of testimony that should deny her the position, but Republicans are still in control and they’ll squeeze every morsel of power while they do. And then we’ll see if they can manage to screw up the election so badly that they call on the Supreme Court to rule in Trump’s favor.

    So let’s all vote, make sure everyone you know will vote, and make this election a blowout of epic proportions.

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    • tengrain says:

      Donnah –

      No need to justify or apologize: It is Kabuki. Watching it will only fill us with dread.

      The math is not on our side and no clever argument is going to change the outcome. The Republicans only governing philosophy is “I got mine, fuck-you,” and they expect that their nominee will rule that they are right. And she will.

      Anyway, I don’t intend to waste my time watching it, either. There are plenty of people who are more knowledgeable than me who will watch and analyze, and I’ll catch-up later.



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  2. roket says:

    If this isn’t ramming an unelected official down our throats, I don’t know what is. I’ve never hated anyone in my life, however, I’m developing a deep and abiding hatred for these MF’s. Vote True, Vote Blue.

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