Both Sides Don’t

Depends upon how the media frame it

This is subtle, but it absolutely is another example of our Failed Political Press:

The cost of Washington’s coronavirus failures

Dude, it should be:

The cost of Republican Senate’s coronavirus failures

Please recall that the house has now passed two more additional Trump-Virus relief bills, both of which have been buried in the shallow grave by amply be-chinned #MoscowMitch.

Abstracting it to “Washington’s” is putting the blame equally, which just isn’t true.

Be on the lookout for headlines like this, they are being offered by dishonest brokers.

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3 Responses to Both Sides Don’t

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    The Rethugs have concluded that they cannot win a fair election under these circumstances, even if they DID pass a Relief Bill that showered the masses with cash, so now their strategy is to wreck the economy, thus handing Biden an unsolvable mess. 4 years from now, there won’t be much improvement,especially if there are enough of them remaining in the Senate to continue with the monkey-wrenching, but the voters won’t remember why, and every Rethuglicon candidate will be gleefully calling out, “See? We told you these Dims can’t run the Gov’t. Put us back in there, so WE can save America!”
    Remember Jimmy Carter, and the offal mess he was handed, and the lack of bipartisanship he had to endure? Or Germany, circa 1935? History does repeat, since most folks have a short attention span, and the Dumbing-down has proceeded apace.


  2. spotthedog says:

    OMF’ingG! True, and too many headlines seem to have had that nonspecific styling since forever!

    What the hell is with the media pressure on Biden and Harris to discuss their supposed intention to pack the Supreme court if they are elected? Is it not just a teeny bit obvious who is trying to pack the court this very day?



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