A Pence for Your Thoughts

Just a couple of Pence-related tweets brought to us by attentive Scissorheads.

Scissorhead Purplehead alerts us:

Scissorhead MDavis warns us:

That last one resonates with me. Maybe he’s not as wooden as I thought?

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7 Responses to A Pence for Your Thoughts

  1. Where is Dexter when we need him…


  2. Infidel753 says:

    Whenever Pence talks he sounds like a serial killer

    She’s not the only one to notice that.

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  3. roket says:

    The fly’s name was Fred. Freddies Dead


  4. Perturbation says:

    Funny, I’ve long thought that Donald Trump has two distinct speaking voices:

    When he’s just saying whatever idiotic things pop into his heads, he sounds like an angry grampa.

    When he reads a prepared speech, he sounds like a child molester explaining that everything he’s doing to you is normal.

    Pence seems to have permanently fixed on the latter. Maybe that’s why Trump likes the way Pence lies so much.

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  5. that screen cap makes it look like Pence’s skin is trying to crawl off his skull.


  6. I always thought Pence looked like a Bond villain. “From Russia With Love”.


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