The Harvest, Day 8

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  1. And I’ll see it again when I throw the stick…are you an undercover dog?

    (We used to have an orange tabby named Buckethead who greatly enjoyed playing fetch, but only with the crumpled-up cellophane wrapper from a cigarette package…)


    • artahzen says:

      My brother had a cat, Abbie Normal, who liked to fetch the crumpled foil liner piece from a cigarette package. I wonder if the smell of the tobacco attracted them?


  2. MDavis says:

    Getirmek! Iyi çocuk!


  3. Bruce388 says:

    My cat Hershey (RIP) went through a phase where he’d chase a cat toy down the stairs, bring it back, and wait for another throw.

    That phase didn’t last long. Because he was a cat.

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  4. Dimitrios says:

    When I was seven we lived on a farm about a mile outside of a small city. As I walked home from school on the last day before Christmas vacation a large tortoiseshell cat followed me home. My parents figured she had been dropped off, so when I suggested shebe an early present, they let me keep her. We fed her and made her a bed in the woodshed, where the morning before Christmas she presented us with eight brand new kittens.

    My mother moved their bed under the cookstove so they would keep nice and warm, where they grew up foraging around the kitchen until the refrigerator door clicked open. From every direction they would scurry beneath my mother’s feet to get in on any treats. On occasion, they did not wait for a handout,

    One evening, while making supper, my mother opened the refrigerator, there sitting on the bottom tray filled with leftovers was a sooner who had accidentally been locked just long enough to fall into a dish and be found happily lapping up homemade chocolate pudding.

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