Spin Cycle Continues

Wants to play the Candy Striper and the Doctor again? (Hat tip: Scissorhead Skinny-D)

Karnak The Great, er, White House physician Dr. Sean Conley’s official statement on Prznint Stupid’s condition began thusly:

“The president this morning says, ‘I feel great!’”

As all things Prznint Stupid-related, it gets stupider:

“Of note today, the President’s labs demonstrated detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies from labs drawn Monday, October 5th.”

Regeneron, the maker of the experimental antibody cocktail Lord Damp Nut swilled on Friday, pointed out that those detected antibodies are probably from [Checks notes] the experimental antibody cocktail that Lord Damp Nut received on Friday, and not an immune system response.

White House spokesperson Brian Morgenstern refused to say when Trump last tested negative:

“We’re not asking to go back through a bunch of records and look backwards.”

I agree Morg, I have something I very much am looking forward to, IYKWIMAITYD.

But not this:

“I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. This was a blessing in disguise. I caught it. I heard about this [Regeneron] drug. I said, ‘Let me take it.’ It was my suggestion. I said, ‘Let me take it,’ and it was incredible the way it worked. Incredible. I think if I didn’t catch it, we’d be looking at that like a number of other drugs, but it really did a fantastic job.”

I can only assume the new Benjamin Moore Autumn Collection is released, and LDN’s paint chip is close to the sample.

Va’al hungers.


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11 Responses to Spin Cycle Continues

  1. purplehead says:

    I “watched” LDN’s video with the sound off and then zoomed way in. His pupils are very dilated. Every time he inhales, his lower jaw juts out and his back straightens up, as if he is having a hard time breathing. Duh. Also, at ≈1:48, the video was clearly edited/clipped. I speculate—because that’s what we do—that they clipped out a particularly blatant struggled inhalation.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    I heard that a fly landed on his head and immediately dropped to the ground.

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  3. donnah says:

    I still can’t figure why he demands that awful makeup. And why his staff lets him use it, too, for that matter. Certainly they’ve heard all of the jokes and he hates being made fun of. So is it a holdover from his TV career on Apprentice? It’s just so obviously terrible.


  4. spotthedog says:

    About that “blessing from god” thing; his special treatment linked to use of aborted fetal tissue.

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    • Dimitrios says:

      i don’t think we will know whether it was a blessing from God unril the Presidential Cortege takes him away to be buried in Arlington Cemetery.

      Oh! What a terrible thought, Hair Furor in Arlington.


  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Is there a scissorhead in the D.C. area that could sneak in to the White House and grab all those blank pieces of paper that Trump signed for his photo ops? Then we could write up our own executive orders. We could get a useful stimulus package done, set the kids in cages free, fire William Barr and so much more.

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  6. Karla says:

    “To me, it wasn’t therapeutic. It just made me better.”
    “I have all the best words” I just don’t know what they mean.

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  7. roket says:

    My thoughts and prayers are that they keep him pumped up on roids until at least Jan 20.


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