Somewhere Wayne LaPierre Is Smiling

This is just so on-point for Team Evil (emphasis mine):

No environmental rule is too small or petty for the Trump administration’s crosshairs. The federal Fish and Wildlife Service implemented a new rule in May to make hunting paraphernalia a mandatory requirement in the annual duck stamp design contest. The updated guidelines, based on a theme of “celebrating our waterfowl hunting heritage,” state that entries “must also include appropriate waterfowl hunting-related accessories or elements.” But, according to Audubon Magazine, at least 24 of 138 artists this year found sneaky ways around the ridiculous requirement by including subtle shotgun shells or wooden duck calls, which hunters use to lure in the birds. “It’s just not good for trying to get the correct message across for people who don’t know anything about hunting,” wildlife artist Rebekah Knight said.

Always be closing.

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9 Responses to Somewhere Wayne LaPierre Is Smiling

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    And you can never have just one phenalia, as they always come in pairs…

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  2. Here’s the design for this year’s stamp:

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    • And as a non-snarky note…it was due to things like this that we even have the water fowl protection laws and the Duck stamp itself because people using those (which would kill up to 90 birds per shot) and things like the one below very nearly wiped out migratory waterfowl in the US. I await the duck stamp with a prominently placed AK-15 🙂

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  3. donnah says:

    I used to work in a picture frame shop and looked forward every year to the new duck stamps. Most of them did not include any hunting paraphernalia but rather showed a drake and hen of a featured species. Leave it to this demented administration, no doubt urged by his gun-happy sons, to spoil a tradition of celebrating duck hunting in an uglier light.

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  4. roket says:

    If a gun needs to be included then the bird needs to be dead with a big gaping hole in it.

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  5. This administration gets more idiotic by the minute


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