Mystery: Prznint Stupid Is Losing Senior Voters, Go Figure

Honest to blog, Lord Damp Nut’s 2020 Goat Rodeo Campaign is a ship of tools:

Something wild and unexpected unfolded in the second half of President Trump’s term, and now is accelerating: Elderly Americans, who helped elect him, have swung sharply against him.

Why it matters: National and state polls show a total Trump collapse among Americans 65 and older.  If this chasm remains, it could help bring the whole Republican power structure down with Trump.

But how could this happen?

Republicans believe the big reason for the current chasm is the coronavirus, which has hit seniors far harder than any age group. A former senior White House official who remains close to the team told Axios:

  • “[A] few of us screamed from the rooftops to them about in March. Who [cares] what anyone else thinks? If you can’t win seniors, you can’t win.”
  • “And, if you don’t take something that is killing old people seriously, you will lose seniors.”

So his callous disregard for seniors dropping like flies onto a common Pence.


The movement predates the virus. CNN polling guru Harry Enten notes that a year ago, Biden was up 11 points over Trump with seniors in a CNN poll.

  • 💡The main pre-pandemic reasons were health care and his strength with women, Axios’ Alexi McCammond and Margaret Talev wrote in May.

He was losing them before the Trump-Virus! So who’s left standing with Pol POTUS?

The bottom line: Younger, white men alone do not a victory make. So the 65+ trend represents a clear and present danger to the vitality and viability of the GOP.

  • Trump has undermined himself with old people, women and minorities.
  • National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar tweeted yesterday: “That’s going to be the story of this election: Pivotal Trump voting bloc in 2016 becoming part of the Biden base.”

Or maybe it is Cult 45’s senior members of Possum Hollar who have already gone to Q-hala and the smart seniors are still alive and standing with handsome Joe Biden.

So… this video is probably not unrelated when he heard that seniors were shunning him like the Trump-Virus:

I dunno if that is gonna convince anyone of anything. Too little, too late.

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10 Responses to Mystery: Prznint Stupid Is Losing Senior Voters, Go Figure

  1. my 85yo Mom is furious with him (well she didn’t vote for him the first time, either, but then it was “I think he’s just a fool and con man”). Now it’s “I’m voting against him with the fury of someone who’s been stuck in my house since March!” I mean if casting votes could have magnitutes of anger associated with it it would be:

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  2. purplehead says:

    Guess I’ll put this here (that I also posted in comments further down): Fake video! “Filmed” in front of a green screen. The proposition seems plausible if you really zoom in on the background shrubbery. It’s on an approximately three-second loop.

    We can all jump on the conspiracy train!

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    • Dennis Cole says:

      purp – another giveaway are the shadows, or lack of them. His hands and arms are clearly casting shadows on his suit, yet there’s no shadow of him on the lawn directly behind him.


  3. osirisopto says:

    “To my favorite people in the world” huh?

    1. Ivanka’s boobs aren’t people
    2. If they were they’re not old enough to vote.

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  4. MDavis says:

    Gah! Again with the accordion hands! And the buttering up people he thinks won’t see it – “you’re not vulnerable! They lie and say you’re vulnerable but you’re the least vulnerable – except for that virus they’re talking about!”
    What was the quote? “Will you shut up, man!”

    Donnie’s got a squeeze box
    He wears on his vest
    And when he snorts Adderall
    We never get no rest

    ‘Cause he’s tweeting all night
    And the lies are packed tight
    Donnie’s got a squeeze box
    And he never sleeps at night

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  5. Steve-O says:

    “I’m a senior, you didn’t know that, no one knows it…”
    He really does think everyone is as stupid as he is.


  6. Dimitrios says:

    I am a senior. Not many people know that. I had the Coronavirus, and not many people know that, either, When I had the Coronavirus I was airlifted to Walter Reed and the doctors there gave me this wonderful medicine. It was just wonderful medicine! I felt so good I could have drilled my own teeth.

    “Now, if you get the Coronavirus, and it’s a pretty safe bet that you will–especially if I win this election–don’t be a loser. Don’t let it define you. Take Marine One down to Walter Reed and let the doctors fix you up. Otherwise, the Coronavirus could define your life as it already has for 210,000 other Americans.”

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  7. roket says:

    On Saturday, I took executive action in a signing to save American jobs and support American workers. I signed directives to give a payroll tax holiday, with the understanding that after the election — on the assumption that it would be victorious for an administration that’s done a great job — we will be ending that tax. We’ll be terminating that tax.

    Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing | August 10, 2020

    It is estimated that if the payroll tax is terminated SS benefit payments would end by the middle of 2023. SSI benefits (Disability) would end by the middle of 2021, next year. However, I’m sure this has nothing to do with anything.

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    • MDavis says:

      I’ve met rapturists who wouldn’t put anything aside for retirement because, after all, they wouldn’t need that retirement – because they were gonna be raptured!
      Even these people understood the relationship between putting something away for the future and having something in the future. They just believed that their future wouldn’t involve needing money.


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