Report: Grifter Is a Tax Cheat, too

“I ran so far away-ay-ay…”

As we all know, Prznint McGrifter’s hobby is seeing how many dollars he can steal in a day, and paying ONLY  $750 in Federal Income Tax is mosdef stealing from all of us. It seems that the $7o,000+ Ameros deduction for the care and feeding of the pelt on top of his melon caught some people’s attention.

The NYTimes:

Tax experts told me that deducting what is ordinarily considered a personal expense is prohibited under almost any circumstances. And they said such a deduction could potentially constitute criminal tax fraud if the cost of the hairstyling was reimbursed by someone else. Three former NBC executives involved in The Apprentice told me that, while they didn’t recall the exact terms of Mr. Trump’s contract, they were very familiar with the way such contracts are typically written. The cost of hair and makeup for a star of Mr. Trump’s stature would generally be covered by the show, and Mr. Trump would have been reimbursed for any of the costs he incurred.

Sorta sounds like a double-dip to me, too, reimbursing and deducting the same business expense? Yeah. That’s a crime. Deducting a personal expense for which you have been reimbursed is probably a bigger crime.

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2 Responses to Report: Grifter Is a Tax Cheat, too

  1. Haha, maybe he and Wayne LaPierre can be cellies!

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    • Dimitrios says:

      That kind of depend upon how well LaPhew can defend himself in a cage bout. No matter how Trump goes in, eventually, they will end at each other’s throat.

      BTW: What is the IRS’ thoughts on claiming the care and feeding of a feral animal as a (pardon the expression) personal adornment?

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