The Flight of the Vulgaries

(H/T Scissorhead Skinny-D)

This scans as true:

“He didn’t want to go to the hospital a month before the election,” a Republican close to Trump told me. Two sources said doctors gave Trump an ultimatum: he could go to the hospital while he could still walk, or doctors would be forced to take him in a wheelchair or on a stretcher at a later point if his health deteriorated. “They told him, ‘You can go now or we’re taking you later and it’s non negotiable,’” a second source close to the White House said. Trump waited to leave for the hospital until the stock market closed on Friday, a source said.

Prznint Optics doesn’t want to be seen as weak.

This is why I found that video tweet so weird:

He was singing blank pages at Walter Reed, too:

Except neither of those backgrounds match the suite in which he is quarantined:

Conclusion: that hour or so that the chopper was waiting to airlift Dumbo to the hospital was because he was filming these set pieces to be used later. Signing blank documents and looking busy is right out of The Apprentice playbook.

UPDATE 1: — Looks like I was right

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10 Responses to The Flight of the Vulgaries

  1. donnah says:

    I’ve considered that same thing. It’s pathetic that this administration is so corrupt and untrustworthy that we can’t believe anything they say. And until we get a live shot of the buffoon-in-chief, provable, then we are just going to make up our own versions of what’s happening based on what they give us.

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  2. Redhand says:

    He’ll be a lying sack of shit till the day he dies, whenever that is.

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  3. buckobear says:

    … and there he is in the premier military hospital being cared for, by and large, by “suckers” and “losers.” Disgusting.

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  4. roket says:

    I’m totally surprised they haven’t released a picture of him sitting in front of a green screen so that the entire world can get in on the fun.

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  5. brettvk says:

    The photos in the Southern tweet are from 2007 and that suite is no longer used, according to info I saw in a twithread. That’s logical, the decor is too pedestrian and dated for dear leader.

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  6. MDavis says:

    Couple things, here.
    First – why does he always go straight to “signing things blank papers” when he wants to prove he’s working? He’s so limited in his thinking about working, unless he’s just limited in what he’ll admit to doing when he’s “working”.
    Second – Dr. Jack Brown is on this one. He points out that addicts resist going to hospital for reasons he mentions in these nested threads. (He’ll get found out or have to do withdrawal, mostly)

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  7. tengrain says:

    I’ve heard that too, but oddly, no new pictures or videos of the current suite are ever shared with that sentiment.



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  8. MaxK says:

    No! He chose to go to the hospital, rather than endure isolation in the East Wing. As we all know, at a good hospital like Walter Reed, symptomatic Covid patients are allowed all the outside contact they desire (That business about people saying goodbye to Mama by telephone in her last hour is a hoax).

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  9. another kiwi says:

    I’m just saying that this episode is not getting any less weird.

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