Report on Hair Füror’s Health: Nothing

Deadly distractions

That was a strange presser, Prznint Super-Spreader’s physician Dr. Sean Conley said the Prznint wasn’t on oxygen on Thursday, and not on oxygen on Friday “while he was here,” suggesting that he may have been on supplemental oxygen at some point on Friday before admission to Walter Reed.

He repeatedly would not answer the question of The Mango-Hued Shitgibbon ever was ever on oxygen.

Conley also refused to answer any specific questions about times, dates, stats. It was a pretty complete stonewall.

Also: it started 30 minutes late, which again seems weird given that they were not going to answer any specific questions.

UPDATE 1: Looks like doc was lying

BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s doctor on Saturday painted a rosy picture of the president’s health as he remains hospitalized for coronavirus treatment. But that assessment was immediately contradicted by a person familiar with Trump’s condition, who said the president was administered supplemental oxygen on Friday at the White House.

UPDATE 2: Why would Hair Füror lie about it?

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16 Responses to Report on Hair Füror’s Health: Nothing

  1. donnah says:

    I honestly didn’t expect bad news or believable information, and if Trump’s prognosis is rosy and he’s perfectly fine, then send him back to the White House and we’ll work on voting him out. But that doctor was as oily as a sardine and his odd dance around the questions was really confusing.

    If he ain’t dyin’, send him back and let’s focus on the election and whipping his fat, infected fanny.

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  2. Redhand says:

    Shocking would be a frank report about his health. We’re in Franco of Spain territory here, naturally.

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  3. lofgren says:

    It started half an hour late because there was some question they were worried the media might ask and the doctor would have to answer, “Yes,” to, so they had to wait until the answer was “no,” or vice-versa. Something like, “Does the president know where he is?” Or “Is the president’s breathing still getting worse?” They’re going to time these things to minimize the doctor’s exposure, because as a medical professional even if he’s corrupt he might not be as good at lying as true politicians.

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    • MDavis says:

      Still don’t get why he doesn’t just lie. It’s the SOP for this group, why change now?
      I mean, LDN has tons of practice at lying, but just because his loyal cultists believe him doesn’t mean he’s “good” at it in the sense that he convinces anyone else.

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  4. MDavis says:

    The statement that I saw that LDN was hospitalized out of “an abundance of caution” also pisses me the eF off. We are at this point of the shit show due to the entire administrations abundance of incaution, so the whole contrast of who they think is worth anything is skewed toward Wil-E Coyote on Adderall. (Don’t tell me that dog didn’t have a trust fund. He was always having stuff air dropped to him, and that shit was extra expensive when he was doing it)

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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    Like I said in another post – it’s the perfect place to protect his privacy.

    Who’s there?
    HIPPA who?
    I’m sorry, but federal regulations prohibit me from sharing that information with you, or anyone, without the patient’s express, written permission.”

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  6. Dennis Cole says:

    Howzabout a nice, cheery musical interlude?

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  7. Perturbation says:

    Yesterday the WH said that the president* is doing fine. “He’s engaged.”

    My girlfriend asked, “Engaged in what?”

    What does that mean? He’s conscious? He can still identify a drawing of an elephant?

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  8. Osirisopto says:

    Is he pinin’ for the fjords yet?

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  9. roket says:

    Who could have possibly predicted that a lying liars administration can not be trusted? rolls eyes

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