One Month From Today

Just do it!

Guys, we’re in the final stretch. Please keep checking your voter registration and make a Plan A and a back-up Plan B for voting. And if you can, think of a Plan C.

There is no end of the Republican eff’ery.

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3 Responses to One Month From Today

  1. donnah says:

    Covid’s stealing the show, and while I don’t care about the Republicans state of health, I do care about American people and what they’re up against. More and more cases are popping up and we are still ill-equipped to help them.

    But the vote is looming and we must not be distracted. We have to keep donating and volunteering and keeping Biden’s name out there. I know Trump’s loyal idiots will vote for him regardless of his health and they’ll still deny covid is an issue, so we just have to hammer down on the facts about health care, Social Security, and civil rights.

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    • tengrain says:

      Exactly, Donnah.

      We might even consider this a small gift if it keeps LDN off the streets.

      Keep on going, everyone! We gots work to do!



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  2. sos says:

    My registration is good. And …

    I registered a woman at Democracy in the Park this morning (yay). Which is actually pretty tough in the politically savvy wards around here.


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